Clown wants to give away 55,000 red noses at Burning Man

I guess Fertility 2.0 means different things to different people. To one clown, it’s giving away 55,000 red noses at the gate to every Burner, in the hope that they will all wear them on the Wednesday. Why?

You name the location where I’ve been in the last year, I’ve worn the nose. 
Why? Because it’s the quickest way to break into the “normals” lives and open the door to their heart.
It works.
It works so goddamn well that I know I’ve found my THING. 
Some of you have welding, fire, sculpture, wood, art cars….and those are IMPRESSIVE.
So impressive in fact, that I was always wondering what MY place was in all this beauty? In the center of the Universe, amidst the most amazing and beautiful and heartfelt beings on Earth, what’s my art?
How was I supposed to make a difference?

And then the Nose barged it’s way into my heart and other hearts everyday as I give them out freely…and have life changing conversations with the people who ask me, “Why the nose?”
I’ve been given this and I understand that the meaning in life is to find your gift, with the purpose being to give it away.
I can’t give them away fast enough, because people are hungry for interaction and authenticity, they are hungry for love and happiness.

If you fancy the idea of strolling the Playa with a clown nose on your face, and gifting that to everyone you see, get involved at

I need a team of Burners to gift me a few hours between Gate Opening and Wednesday afternoon and help spread these noses. Even if you have an hour or two one day, it would be a huge gift to this project.

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  2. I would love love LOVE to stand at the Gate and support all that is “the nose”..I’ve got my identity on burnersme is Enara Hug..I’m a 70 year old little old lady who want to join the fun

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