Lightning in a Bottle: Lucent Temple of Consciousness will have “best lineup ever”

Lightning in a Bottle is coming up on us soon, it runs from May 24-28 in Silverado, near Irvine in Southern California. It’s one of the best festivals in the world, with a combination of fantastic music and life-altering guest speakers. It’s nice to party outside in Nature in a beautiful spot, on grass, next to a lake, with a thriving marketplace of Burner fashion and art. If you’re thirsty, buy a drink, if you’re hungry, buy some food;  if you feel like sitting down for a while, chillax in the Temple and get your mind expanded for real. If you want to go back to camp, it’s not 3 miles away.

There might not be as many art cars as Burning Man, but there’s also nowhere near as much pollution. This is a much greener festival.

Dream Rockwell is the angelic founder of the Lucent Dossier Experience, and Lucent and the DoLab have worked together on LIB since Day One. Lucent’s main contribution to LIB is in the form of the Temple of Consciousness, a new take on the “chill out zone”.

Dream recalled the history in a recent blog post.

“The first LIB [done as a public event] was at a beautiful location called Jack’s Ranch that was nestled between these two mountains and at that first festival, we created a little ceremony where we went up on the mountain,” recalled Rockwell. “I think we had 800 people who gathered for the weekend that year and about 20 of us went up the mountain and had a beautiful spiritual moment, in celebration of the Mayan Day out of Time. It was short, but we had different speakers and it was so inspiring. Everybody that was up there felt the importance of it.”

“Marsi and I were particularly inspired.” added Rockwell. “The next year it became the Lucent Healing area, then it became the Lucent Healing Dome. I liked the word ‘healing,’ but I really thought that the Temple of Consciousness embodied more of what we were doing.”

The Temple is kind of like a TedX for neo-hippies. At the Temple, you can catch outdoor seminars from a variety of fascinating speakers, including UFOLogist Sean David Morton, who’ll be fresh from Eclipse celebrations at UFO base Mt Shasta.

This year, Rockwell and her team have put together the most impressive Lucent Temple of Consciousness lineup yet. It will be designed by Brett “Shrine” Spears and features some of the most progressive workshops, speakers and yoga classes.

“This year is by far the most amazing lineup that we’ve ever presented in the temple,” Rockwell proclaimed. “I’m very excited to share it as it’s so incredibly diverse.”

Attendees can look forward to hearing acclaimed speakers such as Agape’s Rev. Michael Beckwith, to the “food medicine cowboy” Don Tolman and the divine wisdom of Mirabai Devi. They’ll also have ample workshops to learn from, which include everything from environmental efforts involving permaculture and sustainability, to DJ classes and workshops for kids and family’s including alternative childbirth methods. Plus, all the yoga offerings you could ever ask for as world music rhythms fill the air from sunset to sunrise.

Dream is not just a creative genius, but a very inspiring speaker also. Once more, she’ll be leading from the front, hosting her own workshop:

Rockwell is not only producing for both LIB and Lucent Dossier’s latest performance at the festival, but she’ll also once again be speaking at the Lucent Temple of Consciousness with a brand-new workshop entitled, “Shine Your Light.”

“I’ve been awakening to a philosophy and practice for probably my entire life,” said Rockwell. “Its become clear to me that as humans we hold ourselves down out of modesty or some sort of feeling that we can’t shine too brightly or we’ll offend others and people won’t like us. So we’re all sort of holding ourselves to this super low vibration and keeping our eyes down. What humanity needs at this point in our growth is for us to lift our eyes up and shine our light so brightly. It’s time for us to allow our electrical grids to charge up, we have the ability to vibrate at a much higher level, to experience much more pleasure, success, confidence and to be the leaders of the planetary shift that is upon us by being lighter.

The music lineup is pretty impressive too. I’m stoked to see Shpongle, after their amazing Coachella performance last year.

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