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No, we’re not talking about AK-47’s and Fourth of Juplaya. Burn After Reading magazine started this year, and they want to bring you all kinds of stories about Burner culture. They are in the final stretch of their Kickstarter project, and they need your help to give them enough money to print out the magazine and hand it to people at Burning Man. They will also be hosting an interactive salon:

Our $7,000 fundraising goal will allow us to print a minimum of 3,000 copies of a 42-page, glossy, full color magazine about Burner art and culture to distribute at Burning Man 2012. It will also cover shipping costs, augment our schwag costs (we’re bringing tons of cool stuff to playa like our surprise gifts for scavenger hunt winners!) and help us truck literally THOUSANDS of pounds of magazines to the playa!

We’ll be hosting a BURN AFTER READING MAGAZINE COFFEE HOUSE at Sacred Spaces Village at (roughly) 4:30 & Esplanade : Tuesday -Sunday 9:30am-Noon. Our BAR MAG Coffee House will feature world music, story telling, interviews, talks, stickers, scavenger hunts, a documentary screening, lots of comfy spots to read the print version of BAR MAG and of course, delicious and fresh fair trade coffee. 

Burn After Reading Magazine was founded in February of 2012 by a group of volunteers who love Burner culture. Our staff is all over the country documenting art, covering events, taking photos, interviewing people and getting to the heart of burnerism! What compels us to spend so many hours, money, sweat, tears, and heart to make these giant pirate ships, these mind-blowing kinetic skeleton sculptures, these fire-breathing steampunk octopus art cars? 

Our dedicated volunteer team is ready to pour their hearts into the gifted Burn After Reading Magazine on-playa, print edition, and bring it to Burning Man this year. This magazine is about Burners, by Burners and for Burners. 

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