Finally: 2012 Hi-Res Satellite Image

Ikonos, launched 1999

Shortly after Burning Man an image was released shot from the Geo-Eye IKONOS satellite. Unfortunately this was not the full resolution image, and there was some talk at the time that the smaller file was all we were going to get.

Thanks to TheJaymo for finding this image – at 42Mb, reduced in resolution from the original 150 Mb file. Click, zoom in, and see what you can find.

If you really want to geek out on this, there is a 1.2 GB original image available via BitTorrent.

Some interesting things to spot, including Playa Glyphs and the word INSANE spelled out with shipping containers by DPW.

click the photo above for the 42 MB Hi-Res version

13 comments on “Finally: 2012 Hi-Res Satellite Image

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  2. anyone else DL the torrent file? I haven’t. its like runnin in circles trying to get it. anyone have the direct link to the the torrent file? ^that one is circles of installing stuff. or am i crazy….which may be a possibility.

    • I downloaded it. It’s a zip file containing 5 files. One TIF file from August 31 (with the dust cloud) is 1 GB, 18380×18393. Then there’s a JPG version of the same photo (237 MB). There’s a TIF image from August 30 (no dust cloud) that’s 396 MB, 11492×11500; a JPG version of it, and a cropped JPG version, 3600×2880 and only 3.2 MB.

      I installed BitTorrent to get it.

  3. Thanks and I would love to see the hi-res version but how do you read bit torrent? Apple sent me to download a Chinese Thunder which was supposed to help but since I can’t read Chinese it didn’t.

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