BREAKING: Burning Man is Closed [Updates]

Hard to believe, but it’s true. They have closed the gate due to rain (and hail).

Now Burners are being asked to stay in Reno, and not go past Gerlach.

Prior to the close, the wait was 2-3 hours from Wadsworth to 8 mile then 5-6 hours to get through the gate.

Get updates from Twitter @bmantraffic @burnersdotme and listen live at BMIR and iHeartRadio.

We’ve been informed that the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno is offering a 50% room discount to Burners. Use code BURN14. Other hotels are also offering special deals for Burners, see here.

This UStream screen capture shows what the situation was like before they shut power down. BMIR kept transmitting for a while but they have gone off air too.

2014 rain screenshot 25th

[Update 8/25/14 12:07PM]

Burner Paul is on the Playa and has an Internet connection. He sent the photo below. He says:

I’m here now and the storm is terrible…crazy loud thunder and non stop rain. Ive been unable to leave my tent for the last few hours lol! 

puddles paul 2014

[Update 8/25/14 12:54pm]

Official word from @burningman is the gate will be closed until at least midday Tuesday. We imagine the line to get in then will be rather long. Some estimates have 10,000 people currently in line at the gate.


[Update 8/25/14 9:30pm]

Although there has been no word on the official Burning Man social media channels for 8-9 hours, BMIR let slip that the gate was open – then didn’t mention it again. Cars were seen on UStream driving into Black Rock City. A few Burners between Gerlach and the gate have reported that cars are now moving again. Peter Hirshberg told us:

“Gate is open. The road blocks are still in force, but being stood down town by town heading south. Here in empire we are being told that the highway patrol will give us the go signal within the hour. As the backlog clears, towns further south will open . We’re being told not to proceed until the highway patrol says go, Or “you’ll be turned back as a matter of policy” The whole thing looks pretty well coordinated between bmorg and law enforcement .”


[Update 8/26/14 10:31am}

Gates are open.

Airport will be open at noon today.

9 o’clock area of the city is full. There is still room available on the 3 o’clock side to camp.


153 comments on “BREAKING: Burning Man is Closed [Updates]

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  14. I have confidence that the Burner community will rise to the occasion – the principles of self-reliance and community sharing will help all on the playa through this one. Can’t wait to get there myself!

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    • I can’t load the link you posted. Is it really open again? None of the Burning Man updates are saying that yet, would love to confirm this!


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  16. I wish all involved in this fantastic showcase of the unique and free minded to use it as a springboard. Life is so giving of adaptable situations. Think of how easy the stakes will go in… at some point!


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    • The desert is indeed a cosmic creation, the laws of humans do not apply, we are only subject to. I developed an acquaintance with the weather of the desert while stationed at Fallon and China Lake. …On a five minutes notice, intense, bright, beautiful lightening storms, thunder that penetrates the marrow of one’s bones, windstorms, rain and hailstorms from nowhere that helps one to know fear. Oldtimers will remind you that we are visitors here at the discretion of heaven, totally out of the perview of the governor. Black ROCK is sacred ground. Enjoy what there is to enjoy, suffer what their is to suffer. …Sam

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  20. Every where we go in this world there are going to be unexpected events. No trip is ever ‘perfect’. Just roll with it. Be safe and help others be safe whatever you do.


  21. Serves you right you horrible American twats. You’ve ruined electronic music, same as you ruin everything else in this world. Hideous, classless scumbags the lot of you.

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  22. Sucks. Depending on how long the situation persists, though, at least some of the less-committed types may realize that it ain’t all fun and games out there. Who knows, attendance may actually go down next year.


  23. This puts a very interesting spin on things from a ticket/entry standpoint…. If dates and times are printed on the ticket, and those dates/times aren’t available, then legally there can be an impact (i.e. refunds required, etc.). Could be a ticketing/customer service nightmare that they aren’t prepared to handle, much like the first year of the tix lottery….

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      • What act of god could that possibly be? Considering god is a man made illusion I really don’t see how that explains anything. D’oh! In legal terms though I am sure the venue will be more than happy to be believers of such a god in order to get out of any kind of moral responsibility.


        • This isn’t a case of religious beliefs, its a case of Insurance Company and legal contract wording. And “act of God” would be the wording of the Insurance company and the legal mumbo jumbo on the back of the ticket.


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  26. The worst part about this is that the private jets won’t be able to land. Those people are now stuck in Reno and most of the suites are sold out due to one of the largest conventions in Reno’s history.

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          • what’s with the “rich” people for burning man? Most of my friends who are busy making money don’t have time for burning man…or any other 4 day festivals for that matter……… Burning Man is an experience that I wish I could have experienced…..I bought a ticket 3 years ago….. ended up not being able to make it…..tried to give my ticket away but no one would take it, because everyone thought it was a fake??????? really…..for free????? I don’t know why words of hate are being thrown around at people attending burning man… it anger being expressed at ones self for not doing something totally fun and out of control????? Why even waste time calling people “losers” ….”hippies on acid”……. I look at the people making negative comments and think to myself……..they need Burning Man as much as I do….. Fuck…I want to run around Naked to some of the best mixes on the planet…..kiss a woman I don’t know…..feel sand pass through my fingers from a part of the world I might never see again……. and then go home……kiss my daughter on the forehead goodnight……and get back to worrying about making money…..and burying my competition. All you haters………look in the mirror and try and see what you really are hating………it aint burning man…..maybe its your life.

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          • this is for gw at triplelux…ok i get it. u cater to the rich all day so you dont get it. first of all, im poor so i dont have the money to go out there for the EDM fest. second of all i always kiss women i dont know. thirdly i know what the sand is like. i live here. its never the same after 50000 people aliens hippies and bacteria piss all over it. and last but not least iv got a spot to bury you here. come thru.


  27. “BRC is closed thru tonight & possibly into tomorrow a.m. Cars being turned back @ Wadsworth. Cars also being turned around @ event entrance.”

    Seriously? And they’ve closed off 447. This is going to back traffic all the way to Reno and create a very hazardous situation for normal traffic through the corridor.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Some of the world’s most active conservationists are going to be out there, in fact. And it’s exactly why they are closing it off.

        And every year, every thing is cleared off of the Playa. Even if some people forget some things, part of what we pay for in the ticket price is to make sure the entire grounds are clean and clear when everyone is gone.

        If that wasn’t the case, this wouldn’t still be happening.


        • That would be nice if it was true. More than once I’ve found rebar from past years still stuck in the playa where they were overlooked. No one will drive on the BM site in the off season for the same reason. But there’s enough money that it doesn’t really matter.


        • Your ticket price does not reflect clean up, or any other organizational portion of the event, other than the management. Burning Man has no paid employees, only 12 people get paid for this event.


          • Sorry, Steve-O, you’re wrong on that one. There are at least 30 year-round paid employees (I believe the Sparks documentary claimed around 50, but I haven’t rewatched it in a while). Senior Rangers also get paid. The playa Guardians, who comb over every inch of BRC when everyone leaves, are volunteers. In your ticket price is also costs to build the man and other structures, permits, fees, sanitation crews, etc.


          • Well, that’s not cool. It certainly makes enough money to make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned up after.

            Still, I find it hard to believe that not a dollar of the ticket price goes to more than management and admission. I know there’s a lot of infrastructure involved, and if we’re not paying for it – who is?


    • Just drove from Winnemuca to Reno, going past Fernley. No traffic problems on I-80 either way, although there were definitely other burners on the road. Seemed like a steady trickle, but not enough to cause traffic problems on the interstate.


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  29. I was there in 2000 when the heavy rains hit during the event. You couldn’t even walk without 8 inches of playa sticking to your feet. Driving a 2WD car would be useless, even 4WDs were stuck.

    But don’t worry, the Sun will come out just in time. The real misery would be a massive storm on saturday night when all the tourists try to get out early. THAT would be a ton of lulz.


  30. This is strange. I was just thinking about what could possible end BM, and that would only be a closure of the gate due to severe rain – backing traffic up to Reno and creating a safety hazard of epic proportions. Something the Governor couldn’t tolerate.

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