Why Be A Shirtcocker…when you can be a Titicaca?

125shirt_cockerThanks to Burner Scott Cohen for letting us know about this video created by his camp last year. Who says Burning Man is just a bunch of crusty old hippies (except us, obviously…)

“If you write down a wish, the probability of it happening increases”…hell yeah!

14 comments on “Why Be A Shirtcocker…when you can be a Titicaca?

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  2. Swami…I loved seeing all of you in this video….can’t wait to rejoin you all on the playa this year! To all the haters….just remember…haters be hating …that’s just what they do! I kinda feel bad for them…..I’m more of a lover be loving kind of girl!
    Peace & Love Momma C

  3. Ha ha lol fuck off burnersxx I’m an artist 😀 Well I see that BM has changed a lot since my first burn in ’96. We were proud to keep any commercial logos hidden. We actually did or try to anyway, cover up rental truck names. My only problem here burnersxxx is that you identify yourself as a burner because you sound like you couldn’t give a shit about the esthetic of the event or maybe you’re offended by how much money changes hands there and are feeling inadequate? I am certainly not going to lose sleep over it. I’m not offended at all only disappointed because what would otherwise be an excellent art/journalism piece has been marred by the focus of the drink and how it takes you out of the video. Not because it’s featured at all, but so prominently it ruins the flow. And for BM which historically has been non-commercial it seems distinctly unusual. I didn’t expect it to be used for profit but If you are intending on actually making money off it somehow good luck I guess. I’m not going to be one to make it my job to stop it. I can be all lovey-dovey and say it’s so beautiful and perfect the way it is but who would respect that horse shit? I feel a little bad my critique offended. Lakini vile ni maisha

    • the change is that now they stick the logos on the Playa and call them art. No offense taken, hopefully none caused. It didn’t seem to me that the main theme of the Camp Titicaca video was promoting any particular brand. And Swami has confirmed that here.

  4. I liked the vid, thanks for sharing. I heard there was a monster in it. I never saw (noticed) it.. Sounds like they enjoyed what ever they ate, drank & did! To bad there’s a monster in the fairy tale.

    • you guys are so lame. There can be giant Bank of America logos on the Playa, but perish the thought that any Burner drinks a beer in a video, or someone should spend months of person-hours building a costume with feathers superglued to it. What about all the Ryder trucks, El Monte RVs…should we ban them too? What about United Services? Good luck in the portapotties without them. Burners-than-thou all need to get over themselves, already. That includes you too Tentacles. We should have a “hippy gifting no brands no generators no RVs party”, and see how many sound stages there are with 100 DJs…

    • Sorry about the Monster can in front of Hank. We did not even think about it. He just happened to be drinking it at the time he was interviewed. Could have been a Tecate can if it had been a little later in the day. The video and the camp were not sponsored or compensated by Monster in any way. Sorry if it ruffled some feathers.

      • what sort of dick gets upset by something like that? I mean, seriously. Thanks for the video Swami, it’s good for others to see the fast track to a successful camp.

  5. I’d share that video if it wasn’t so centered around Monster energy drink product placement. BM is non-comercial. Period

    • Sorry about the accidental Monster ad. We did not even think about it. I guess we are so used to seeing Coke or Bud logos on our cans that we did not even think that someone might be offended. There might be an accidental Toyota ad in there somewhere, too. Sorry.

      • BM is one of the most commercial things out there Jonathan. $24 million at the gate, let alone all the ice and honey wagon dumps they sell. Ref# , many other posts on this blog. Like, the DAVOS WORLD ECONOMIC FUCKING FORUM IS MODELLING ITSELF ON THIS. Only ignorant hippies think that money is not a major factor in this party, but I don’t see how Swami was profitting in any way. What’s your fucken problem?

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