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350px-2012-09_-_The_Scumfrog_@_5_Years_Robot_Heart,_Burning_ManOne of the most prolific DJ’s out there on the Playa has been Dutch techno master Jesse “The Scumfrog” Houk. Here’s his set from Robot Heart at Burning Man Fertility 2.0 2012. Where I come from we call this the DPH…DEEP PROGRESSIVE HOUSE. And we also call it the TTH – TRIBAL TECH HOUSE. If you know Steve Lawler, Danny Tenaglia, Peace Division or Lexington Avenue, you know that this is the shit. YMMV.

Scumfrog’s been going as a DJ for more than 25 years. He has just released a new album “In Case We’re All Still Here“, and I have to tell you, it’s being played very loud and very often at Burners.Me HQ. You can keep your DeadMau5 and David Guetta, thankyou very much. That stuff is amateur hour. This is a masterwork – gezellig, as they say in Amsterdam. This album is the sound of one of the world’s Uber-DJs slamming it home, someone in the zone and at the top of their musical game.

Here’s to hearing more progressive house, psy-trance, hip-hop, trance and electro out there on the Playa this year and beyond. There are more beautiful experiences to be had beyond dubstep. Scummy bring this sound and crank it! Robot Heart turn it up…I think you might need some more speakers.

Congratulations to The Scumfrog for making such a wicked album. This seems like one that will stand the test of time…$8 well spent.

From Armada Music

the-scumfrog-in-case-were-all-still-here-326x326Nearly a decade after his last artist album, the underground legend that is The Scumfrog returns. His roots firmly planted in the underground house scene, the Dutch born producer/DJ brings a new connection between the intangible and deep and the ever-growing movement that is electronic dance music. ‘In Case We’re All Still Here’ is The Scumfrog in full underground swing.

Now that the dance scene is more alive than ever before, New York based producer Jesse Houk shines a new light on the deep, techy sounds of the underground. With more than 15 years of experience, the mastermind behind classics such as ‘The Watersong’ and remixes for the likes of Armin van Buuren, Missy Elliott, New Order, Kylie Minogue and Annie Lennox, is ready to take another deep dive into the journey of music. All through the sounds of ‘In Case We’re All Still Here’.

Featuring collaborations with Sting, Static Revenger, Christian Burns, Vince Elliott, Vassy and more, ‘In Case We’re All Still Here’ is the brand new album of The Scumfrog. An eclectic affair that takes you past the entire spectrum of electronic dance music.

 Here’s another review

scumfrog_wideLast year, The Scumfrog (aka Jesse Houk) returned to the global EDM stage with 12 new tracks, mixed together in a tailor-made DJ mix called “A Place Where We Belong”. The individual tracks were released by various prestigious labels such Armin Van Buuren’s Armada, Umek’s 1605, Prok & Fitch’s Floorplay, and more. Tracks like “In Love”, “Running” and his remix of the classic “The Sky Is Not Crying” quickly found support, not only from The Scumfrog’s long-time peers, but also from the new generation of underground DJs.

This year, the Dutch born American producer continues on his path, miles away from mainstream EDM, by completing a new, full-length album for Armada Records titled “In Case We’re All Still Here”, made up of cutting edge underground Deep House and Tech House. The first single from this album is The Scumfrog’s long awaited project with Sting. Since the beginning of DJ culture, Sting has been the voice of sampling-choice for many producers, and new bootleg versions of his popular songs still surface at an ever-constant rate. But an official Dance Music release baring the 16-time Grammy Award winner’s name is rare. Last year, however, The Scumfrog received approval to remake “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You,” and the amazing result of this long awaited project is finally here. The Scumfrog has been a House Music staple in the Dance scene, releasing records since 1999. He is mostly known for his underground flavored remixes of artists like Missy Elliott, New Order, Kylie Minogue, and Annie Lennox, his Grammy nominated collaborations writing/producing techno oriented works with David Bowie and Cyndi Lauper, and his own hit singles “Music Revolution”, “Serenade”, and “Escape”. With his versions of “If I Ever Lose My Faith,” The Scumfrog returns to his deep house roots, while still giving the main vocal mix his signature mass appeal.

As a DJ, he has toured the world many times over, and since 2009 he hosts a weekly radio show/podcast Glam Scum International.

This is the first time you’ve ever heard Burners.Me recommending an album to you. Why this one? Think about it – there’s only one reason. It’s that good. It really stands out. It probably won’t be the last…we’ve opened a can of worms here. I have more than 16,000 albums in my record collection. What motivated us to break the proverbial seal? How good this album is, and also what a dedicated Burner the Scumfrog has been over many, many years. This is a seriously good album – I dare you to buy it and come here and tell me it sucks. I think more likely you will be so wowed that you will be in our comments going “thankyou, Burners.Me!”.

Get it, you won’t regret it.

PS. Nadia Ali is where it’s at. Check out the Scummie handiwork in this next one. Scumfrog and Nadia at Burning Man this year? Or, maybe even, one dares to dream (especially at Burning Man) all of the above plus Juno Reactor Michele Adamson Lucent Dossier Cosmic Gate and Emma Hewitt and Deekline? Dreams may come true…

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