Fiona Barnett Free e-Book: Eyes Wide Open

Fiona Barnett has published her book, and is making it available online for free. Please download and share this PDF, mirror it if you can.


Original source:

I am hoping to do interviews with both Fiona Barnett and Steve McMurray in the near future, please subscribe to my YouTube channel Crypto Beast.

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Fiona’s Police Statements

Mainstream media articles about Fiona Barnett’s allegations and advocacy

Australia’s top cleric George Pell was considered the #3 person in the Vatican power structure. He was recently sentenced to jail for 6 years for abusing 2 boys, in a case gagged by a suppression order which resulted in 100 journalists facing jail terms just for covering the facts of the case.

The victim he is writing to here witnessed a ritual murder of a child by two priests; Pell acknowledges and apologizes for the abuse.

Last year Fiona Barnett was successful in getting Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to acknowledge and apologize for institutional ritual abuse.

The Prime Minister said:

“Today, Australia confronts a trauma – an abomination – hiding in plain sight for far too long…The crimes of Ritual Sexual Abuse happened in schools, churches, youth groups, scout troups, orphanages, foster homes, sporting clubs, group homes, charities and in family homes”

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  2. Thank you Fiona for you amazing brave soul to write this all, its with people like you and others who cross the fires of hell (Royal commission) to free up the many who are still chained to the shame and denial of it all that are the true heroines of the world. My spirit is thankful for your contribution Well done to you and your healing journey your are an inspiration to many who are still going through hell. Thank you.

  3. when are the people of Australia going to wake up and realize that this so called CON-virus is just a ruse for the PAEDOPHILE government officials as well as all of the others as mentioned by Karen Brewer and Fiona Barnett to set their agenda in place. Because they are satanic worshipers they believe that sexual abuse and human sacrifice of children as well as drinking the blood of young children to get their HIGH is okay, IT IS NOT. What will you do Australia when they come after your children? Do you believe you will be able to stop them? NO! they have the police to back them taking your children from you, so you cannot report them it will go nowhere the judiciary will not convict them, as they are a part of the whole PAEDOPHILE ring. On trying to get justice for your family they will use the Mental Health Act and get one of their psychiatrists to have you deemed mental unstable have you sectioned, then fill you up with prescription drugs you will be locked away at their pleasure until you area ZOMBIE and are unable to fight back.
    Australia it is time to stop them controlling you with FEAR!! Before they take away our ability to communicate ie. the internet and phones, hence the NBN they control every aspect of your communication. come together to bring them down. Remember there are more of us that all of them put together, as well as that there are probably some in the forces that do not like what is going on.

  4. Your words mean nothing. Action is required. Prosecution is required.
    Release the evidence from the royal commission. Disclose and punish those listed then we might take you seriously

    • @Beverley The Royal Commission REFUSED to investigate, there’s nothing else for Fiona to do. Why don’t you contact the relevant authorities and ask them why they won’t investigate?

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