A Wet and Happy Juplaya

Some photos are starting to trickle out back to the real world via Facebook. Thanks to Burners Kristin, Ian and Mark for sharing these. It seems like there was fierce winds, a lot of rain, mud, landslides – the Playa truly does look like a beach. Many Juplaya Burners were caught unprepared, and are stuck there without 4WD vehicles. I guess that’s what happens when you go off-road without an off-road vehicle!

If anyone has any updates please post, at of 1:45pm Friday the latest is:

Brigit: If you are out on the playa and are stuck in mud, needing help to get out–leave a post here on this thread so some of the local angels who have volunteered can find you and help you out. Or–if you have connectivity and know of someone else stuck out there that can get a signal –let us know about them. Be sure to post where you are–GPS coordinates if possible.

Ian: just went exploring in his 4WD truck and reports that 12 mile is a pond (we’re 3 miles NE of there) and South is worse. East Playa is dryer.

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fierce winds destroyed their tarps, but the bar's open!

fierce winds destroyed their tarps, but the bar’s open!

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