Photographer Michael Holden has put together a 3.4 Gigapixel zoomable mega-panorama of the Fertility 2.0 2012 Burn. It’s a composite image built up from 5 rows of 54 photos each.

Click this link to see the full panorama:

michael holden photosThis epic huge panorama barely begins to convey the scale of Burning Man…but it might help you explain to your neighbors why you started packing in June. Newbies: this is why you need a bike. 🙂 I shot this on the morning of the burn in 2012 from on top of the BaalMart tower. All told, the final image is 3.4 gigapixels: five rows of 54 photos, stitched into a single 176,582 x 19,421 image. Use your mouse wheel or shift key to zoom in and your Command/CTRL key to zoom out. Click and drag to move around. This will never work on mobile devices. It’s just too damn big. 🙁 

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