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walkie talkie gpsThanks to Burner Joyous for sending in this list. Anyone else got any useful tips? Burner Brian insists his list is better, although I can’t really see what are the highlight items that Joyous missed. Others suggest “chap stick”, “whiskey” (with E), and a first aid kit. We would also recommend a MURS-capable walkie talkie, in case of emergencies (at least one per camp)…see last year’s guide.  And these walkie talkies will make it easier to find your friends.

Things to Remember to Never Forget

la contessa sunsetWe’ve all heard “the playa provides” but why not be self-reliant and
provide for yourself? Maybe you share my “better to have & not need
than to need & not have” philosophy or maybe you always carry a
“Joyous-Mary-Poppins-purse” ~ or not. Either way, we all forget
something, sometime; so, here’s a surveyed compilation of playa
must-haves that veterans and virgins alike are most happy to remember
to never forget:

* LIGHT UP ~ let your light so shine! You’ll be thankful you can find
these bright beacons in the deep dark playa night: your camp, your
rebar, your bike, your body, your potty!

* Good work gloves ~ because getting blisters on day one while
building camp sucks for the entire rest of the week.

* Shemagh-keffiyeh-bandana ~ great for keeping your cool in the hot,
desert days & doubles as a dust mask.

* Baby wipes by the zillions! Best way to keep clean without wasting
precious water.

* Duct tape & zipties ~ great for just about anything you can think of.

* Ziplocs ~ also ideal for just about everything, especially picking
up random MOOP!

* Vinegar, citrus spray, or tea tree oil to clean your playa piggies.

ziploc camera* Goggles & sunglasses to carry at all times ~ your Burn is so bright,
you gotta wear shades!

* Earplugs & eye mask ‘cuz sometimes you just need to shut it all out
& pass the eff out!

* Vodka & beer ~ more than you think you’ll need!

* Extra bike inner tube & repair kit ~ I wouldn’t want to be stranded
at the trash fence, would you?

* Sunscreen, hand sanitizer, eye drops & saline nose spray ~ it’s
gonna be HOT & the playa gets stuck in the most random spots!

* Pee bucket for long, chilly nights when you just don’t wanna get out of bed.

* Sealed fresh clothes & shower essentials for post-playa ~ as much as
we embrace the dust, after a week we’ll be ready to clean it off our
bodies while keeping it in our hearts.

Finally, a bag of marbles ~ please don’t lose your marbles! (Thank you, Cowboy!)

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