BRC Weekly 2013

brc weekly

Black Rock City’s amusing and informative broadsheet Piss Clear is now known as BRC Weekly. They’ll be bringing 25,000 hard copies out to the Playa this year, great to read over a paid coffee at Center Camp, or while you’re waiting in the ice line. And you never know, this broadsheet might just literally save your ass in a portapotty one day.







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  1. Piss Clear ended in 2007, and then we put out a book, which was a complete anthology of all 34 issues of Piss Clear. When I decided to do another newspaper in 2010, I didn’t want to sully that “complete” anthology thing. Plus, the editorial tone of the BRC Weekly is *slightly* less snarky than Piss Clear, and it’s meant to be more of a city alt-weekly, not unlike the SF Weekly or LA Weekly (whose logos we totally nicked). Plus, we weren’t printing on playa anymore…. we were a pre-printed weekly, hence the name. Granted, within a year, we slipped right back into our old snarky Piss Clear selves (but with more journalistic integrity) but by then we were already committed to being BRC Weekly. Besides, every city needs an alt newsweekly, right? At least we’re not owned by Village Voice Media. Yet….

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