PBS Newshour Starring Burning Man

The mainstream mainlining of Burning Man continues. Now the party has made it to PBS Newshour as a feature story. That’s right Burners, the government who cancelled Fleet Week due to “sequestration” budget cuts, wants to make sure the nation knows all about Burning Man!


The footage is a mash-up of 2012 and 2013 burns.

I love how pained the anchor seems announcing this…and how her outfit perfectly matches the upholstery on my 2000 Fleetwood Storm RV! I’m sure this story will only result in more hipsters coming to BM, and not encourage the Grey Nomads to put the world’s biggest RV Park on their bucket lists.

Whoever shot this footage knows what they’re doing, it’s beautiful.

BRAF director Tomas McCabe is being interviewed in front of Kate Radenbush’s public art installation in San Francisco, next to the shipping container beer garden at Hayes and Octavia.

7 comments on “PBS Newshour Starring Burning Man

  1. East Coast PBS affiliate did a show about 13 or 14 years ago, so this isn’t
    the outrage that you’re making it out to be. , I know, ias Larry’s stand in for lighting purposes.

    • How are we making this out to be an outrage? I’m kinda getting sick of all these BMOrg -affiliated trolls slagging me off. Just enjoy burning man dude, no need to be a hater.

  2. That piece was completely authentic and representative of the Burning Man experience. I think anyone who is intrigued by it and wants to get out to BM may have a great experience, and probably be a good participant.

  3. Much like the Borg on Star Trek so has the ‘outside reality’ consumed and assimilated Burning Man.

    I’m hopeful that someday, if it already hasn’t started , a counter cultural gathering that stands in contrast to the dominant society (one drowning in consumerism, celebrity worship, reality tv, stupidity, etc) will take root, blossom, and be led by those wise enough to see and prevent the inherent risks from a society that cheapens everything it consumes.

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