The First Burning Man

photo (2)We’ve covered the early days of Burning Man before, also here, but I don’t think we’ve posted this one before. Here’s a video of the very first Burn on the Playa, and one of the earlier Baker Beach burns. Note how the Man’s face resembles a bull with horns. A very young, and rather dashing looking Larry Harvey talks about how, with each reincarnation of the Man, they hope to recapture the spirits present at the last.

Couldn’t see any footage of the Burning Dog, if anyone has video or photos we would love to see it.

Don’t Let Burning Man Happen to You!

“It’s not about sex and drugs. It’s not about Satan. And it is about Satan.”

“We thought you’d want to see up close, what some have called a proto-apocalyptic hippy neo-Pagan freak fest”

Another Spark-like controversy brewing? Another film promoting BMOrg as gods of a cult, which they get to profit off?

No, it’s a movie they made in 2005. Nothing’s changed.

  • beyond black rockBURNING MAN: BEYOND BLACK ROCK goes behind the scenes of a social revolution to explore the philosophy that fuels it, the social contract that drives it, and the transcendent experience that makes it a worldwide cultural force. Granted unprecedented access to the inner workings of the Burning Man organization, the filmmakers spent 18 months with the founders, organizers, artists and participants to document the full complexity and diversity of the Burning Man community. But, true to its title, the film goes beyond the city they raise in the desert – revealing the Burning Man’s plans to bring its unique culture to the rest of the world. BEYOND BLACK ROCK tells, for the first time ever, the real story of Burning Man – from the inside out.– Written by William Haskins

SnapChat CEO’s “perpetually topless” GF is a Burner

This story has been doing the rounds of the Interwebz today, after Gawker ran yet another hit piece on LA-based SnapChat CEO (and Ivy League fratboy) Evan Spiegel, whose girlfriend has photos of her running round half naked at Burning Man. Scandalous, right? It seems a few think so, among them ValleyWag, and newly self-anointed Burning Man paper of record, Business Insider.

Girlfriend Lucy Aragon is a 24-year old model and about to become a new Reality TV star, on the Bachelor. She has Burning Man front and center in her Twitter description:

Before you follow me, be advised I have no idea where I’m going. I love Christmas, Steve Jobs, FC Barça and Burning Man.


snapchat gf 2snapchat gf3Do we have yet another billionaire Burner? More grilled cheese sandwiches and french toast to come? There is no evidence (yet) that Mr Spiegel accompanied his girlfriend to Burning Man this year, or is a Burner. But he sure sounds like a partier,  and according to one email he sent, he and his friends are “certified bros – our frat just got kicked off [Stanford’s] campus”. Brogrammers, that is.

His tweets are mysteriously quiet between August 24 and September 7, when he re-emerges to post this mysterious image…

He just cashed out $10 million personally on an $800m post-money valuation Series B round, bought a Ferrari and told Facebook to go stick a $3 billion cash offer up their datehole, then followed that up by telling Larry and Sergei to go stick their $4 billion up a similar orifice…so why shouldn’t he go?

Maybe this is a sign that he did…

If you ask me, we need MORE topless models at Burning Man. Many more!

snapchat-evan-spiegel.9251213.40One Burner thinks that cooking, Snapchat, and Burning Man have one key thing in common: temporary art.

LA weekly has quite a lengthy story on Snapchat’s rise from Frat Boy Darling to Tech World Darling.

CNet has more details of his career and upbringing.

Yahoo Shine admires his fashion style – not just a hoodie but a cool one.

We’ll leave with a little titbit from The Onion.