Art Cars: Now Chosen by Curators

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Over at eplaya, Trilobyte has posted the new rules for Mutant Vehicles.

Have a cool art car? That’s no longer enough. In order to bring it, the Art Czar will have to decide that it fits the aesthetic they desire for the year’s theme – and if you are in good enough standing in your sucking up to BMOrg.

Burning Man 2.0 is about pedestrians and bicycles, not Art Cars and DJs.


The Department of Mutant Vehicles is moving to a new system for processing Mutant Vehicle applications in 2016.

The increased volume of Mutant Vehicle applications (nearly 1000 in 2015) is requiring the DMV to be more selective than ever. Having a vehicle on the playa in the past is no guarantee of
being invited in the future! Put your best foot forward in your application and give us a reason to invite your vehicle to Black Rock City. The Mutant Vehicle application form will be closing earlier than ever this year: Noon (PST) on April 13.

In past years, the DMV has invited every vehicle to the playa that met the published Mutant Vehicle requirements. We strove to have an objective process to evaluate each application, focusing on level of mutation – not on quality of the art. It’s important to know that if you think it’s a good idea to art up a Car Leasing from ICL that you catch on the way, think again.

Each Mutant Vehicle application is reviewed by a committee of DMV Hotties, and we strive to reach a consensus agreement on whether the vehicle has met the criteria. Historically the DMV team has reviewed each application shortly after it was received, and responded to the vehicle creator as quickly as possible. Over the years, the Mutant Vehicle Community has steadily “ratcheted up” the bar a vehicle must pass, and we’re now at a point where we require vehicles to be completely mutated – showing little or none of the original base vehicle.

In spite of the stricter requirements, the number of applications has steadily grown, and the number of thoroughly mutated vehicles now exceeds what we can accommodate on the playa. Burning Man is primarily a pedestrian and bicycle city, and only a fraction of burners can bring a vehicle before the playa becomes too crowded with them. Our goal is to enable our creative community of artists making mutated vehicles to show off their creations, while balancing the needs of playa preservation, visual stimulation, and safety.

In response, the DMV is revising how we evaluate applications to bring a Mutant Vehicle to the playa. Rather than considering each vehicle on its own merits, we’re moving to a “curation” model, wherein we will consider each vehicle within the context of all the qualified applications we receive. A vehicle will still be required to meet the published Mutant Vehicle criteria, but that alone won’t guarantee an invitation to bring it to the playa. We will also be looking to invite a balance of different types of vehicles on the playa: large scale sound vehicles, flame effects focused vehicles, small artistic vehicles, large transport vehicles, highly participatory vehicles, etc. We are dedicated to licensing vehicles from projects of all budget levels, not just the most expensively built ones.

We will be looking for vehicles that have good execution of their design concept. We will also be evaluating the originality of a vehicle. There are already quite a number of bar-cars, furniture cars and boats, for example – and that might not be the best design choice for a new vehicle you’re considering. When it comes to larger vehicles, we will be favoring vehicles that have a sterling record for inclusivity when it comes to offering rides to the public.

So…what can you do to maximize the chance of being able to bring your vehicle to the playa this year?

  • Fill out your application thoroughly. Including more detail is better than less.
  • Make sure your application gives us a very clear vision of your vehicle.
  • The application should clearly describe the concept for your vehicle and what you have done or will do to realize that concept.
  • Good photos of both the day and nighttime appearance are necessary – If you’re building a new vehicle that isn’t complete yet, then detailed design sketches are a good alternative to photos.
  • Vehicles desiring a night license need to be detailed about the lighting plan for the vehicle.
  • Mutant Vehicles which align with or comment on Burning Man’s annual theme will be given greater consideration.

Please recognize not every vehicle will be invited. Having brought your vehicle to the playa in a prior year is no guarantee that you’ll get invited again. Your application will be considered in comparison to the other applications we receive. Make sure your application conveys what excited you about building the vehicle in the first place!

In past years, we’ve allowed vehicle creators who were not selected to appeal our decision, and offer up additional details about their vehicle, or change some part of their design. Our new process eliminates appeals, so it’s more important than ever your application be filled out clearly and completely!

Lastly, the deadline for submitting an application will be noon PST on April 13. In past years, we’ve been able to accommodate vehicles that missed the deadline. Because of our new evaluation system, we can no longer do that. So get your vehicle application in early!

Thanks for your time, and we look forward to seeing all of your amazing creative vehicle designs this year. If you have questions, please get in touch with the Burning Man Department of Mutant Vehicles at


  • The main DMV webpage is available here
  • The DMV Mutant Vehicle criteria are available here
  • DMV Information on Vehicles for People with Disabilities is here

[Source: ePlaya]

In 2014, the last year we have an AfterBurn report for, there were 600 Mutant Vehicles in Burning Man. So 1000 applications means if you made an Art Car, you have a 60/40 chance of getting it to Burning Man. Basically, flip a coin.

Another Org decision that is just going to make it harder for Burners to plan and get excited about the Burn. They don’t know if their whole camp can go, and now they don’t know if their art car can go either.

It calls into question the entire idea of raising money to invest in an art car, if there is no guarantee it is even going to be permitted at Burning Man – or if it can be turned away on the whim of some faceless groupthink influencer at BMHQ. No appeal, no oversight. That’s it, done – and if you ever want anything approved by them again, placement or an art car or an art project or early access passes or even (gulp!) tickets – you better just shut up and take it.

The series of ticket crises and systems has ended the idea of a camp of friends who would all get together every year at Burning Man; or people arranging to meet each other at a future Burn. Now, it’s pot luck. A lottery. Planning goes out the window, when it all becomes so arbitrary. Unless you have some juice inside the Org, of course. You know people who know people – and they’re the right people.

BMOrg are still trying to figure it out. Hate to break it to ’em, but 10 tickets are really not enough to organize a camp. 5 couples is a pretty small camp – 2 RVs or ShiftPods. I have people contacting me chasing 300 tickets:

Screenshot 2016-01-29 17.48.38

Prepare to get your participation forms in, folks. In about a month, you’ll be able to fill out online questionnaires and applications, so that your process of bring art to Burning Man may finally (possibly) begin…

Heads-up, folks! The various participation forms for the 2016 event will go live on February 24th at noon PST. At that point, you’ll be able to start filling out the questionnaires and applications for your projects. The deadlines vary by project, and are listed below. You don’t have to scramble to get them in the minute the forms open, but you DO need to make sure you fill it out and hit the final submit button BEFORE that deadline.

  • Camp Placement Questionnaire – February 24, 2016 – April 28, 2016 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time
  • Mutant Vehicle Application – February 24, 2015 – April 13, 2016 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time
  • Disabled Persons Vehicle Application – February 24, 2016 – August 2, 2016 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time
  • Art Installation Questionnaire – February 24, 2016 – June 14, 2016 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time
  • BRC Media Application – February 24, 2015 – July 21, 2016 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time

[Source: ePlaya]

87 comments on “Art Cars: Now Chosen by Curators

  1. “The series of ticket crises and systems has ended the idea of a camp of friends who would all get together every year at Burning Man; or people arranging to meet each other at a future Burn. Now, it’s pot luck. A lottery. Planning goes out the window, when it all becomes so arbitrary. Unless you have some juice inside the Org, of course. You know people who know people – and they’re the right people.

    BMOrg are still trying to figure it out.* Hate to break it to ’em, but 10 tickets are really not enough to organize a camp. 5 couples is a pretty small camp – 2 RVs or ShiftPods.”

    Actually, 10 tkts would do for our theme camp, so this would be encouraging, except that there is no transparency in the DGS process. This is a hit, but foul ball. By the Borg still keeping all their decision-making secret, it denies any right to Transparency and Equality.

    Small theme camps are where I have had the most fun, but I would suspect that any number of other small theme camps would similarly be as turned off as us. We are also those who can most readily do our thing elsewhere. The thing that would help us most is a comprehensive listing of all the other burns, at least listing date, location, and if they are/are not affiliated with the Borg. With some common discussion comments on each, this could be very powerful in letting the burners be burners.

    • “The thing that would help us most is a comprehensive listing of all the other burns, at least listing date, location, and if they are/are not affiliated with the Borg.”

      Then do it. Sounds like a fun project.

      As for transparency, what do you want to know about the directed tickets that you don’t already know? There can’t be a static formula to decide who gets what. Ticketing has already says it reviews camps based on past and current plans and execution. There is always some inherent subjectivity to this type of process no matter how you build it.

      • “As for transparency, what do you want to know about the directed tickets that you don’t already know?”

        Seems the only thing we know is the gross number of tickets sold in DS. What am I missing?

        Here is what we SHOULD know, if we are to provide the free entertainment:
        a) Successful DS camps, with their forms and number of tix;
        b) Unsuccessful camps, with their forms and number of tix.

        Personal info (email, real names, etc.) can be removed, but the name of the camp as listed should be included. Easiest way to do this is put all the personal info on a separate page.

      • How many tickets go to each camp would be a good thing to know; and which Mutant Vehicles are associated with which camps. How many tickets go to each staff member. Are there camps purchasing 50 or more tickets at a time?

        This would make it easier to identify favoritism and capriciousness.

        Why should the light be shined on camps for MOOP – often erroneously – but never on ticketing? They have admitted that the purpose of the MOOP Map is public shaming, as a tool of social engineering.

        Having a system of civilization that is fair, balanced, and reasonable is almost impossible in circumstances of secrecy without any process of appeal. Basically, in this case we simply must “trust BMOrg is always right”, and that’s that. Anyone saying they did something wrong is a conspiracy theorist, or should “start their own”.

        Of course, it is their right to sell tickets to whomever they choose. And if they choose the wealthy, powerful, and famous over a bunch of nobodies, they would only be human.

        However let’s stop pretending about “radical inclusion”, “radical self reliance”, “participation”, “we’re saving the world”, and so on. It’s Davos for Millenials, with blowjob workshops.

        It is also the right of any Burner to create art for another party, take their art cars to another party, build communities wherever they choose in whatever way they choose. So long as they never use the words “Burning Man”.

        There’s no possible way that BMOrg would ever use political, media, and psychological pressure against anyone that stood against them. They’re great guys! They always tell the truth, except when they’re being ironic. And anyone saying anything else is just an Internet troll.

  2. Here is a video of just a few MVs from 2007: (Sorry for the low-resolution.)

    Would these be approved or excluded from the 2016 NV burn? Too bad the Borg has not seen fit to disclose just what criteria they will be using (in this universe). Excluding any of these would be a disappointment to me …if I were going.

    • That was nice, thanks for that, takes me back. Back in the day, a great guy named Ohio motorized a hot air balloon basket as a great little ride. Obviously limited to a few occupants.
      I think quite a few people aren’t going to give the BORG the satisfaction of pleading for a chance to be curated in. I imagine its insulting to many and they would just go elsewhere. Especially smaller more intimate rides.

      • “I imagine its insulting to many and they would just go elsewhere.”

        That’s why this is a critical time to highlight or create other opportunities. I have always said that three things made the old Burning Man what it was: theme camps, MVs, and playa art. The reason that the NV burn persists is that most of these continue due to momentum rather than choice. With the ticketing games, smaller theme camps are at risk. The playa art is at risk due to the unfavorable insurnace requirements. Now the Borg is literally rejecting MVs.

        This is the time to give the MV people, and smaller theme camps, the change to go to an alternative burn somewhere near SF, or along the same route, at about the same time. For the Reno area, Lance is the best bet to get something for this year.

  3. I’m concerned about the curation aspect for sure. I’d bet the BLM or Pershing County is behind the MV cap, and this new policy is the BMORG’s response. It ain’t perfect, that’s for sure.

    • So… are you going in 2016 if they don’t accept your MV? Presuming you get your tickets before you MV approval request is submitted, would you sell your tix? What would you do if your MV is approved, but you don’t get tix?

      • Haven’t brought an MV since 2009, so yeah I’m going. Even before this year, your MV proposal was not guaranteed, and then even if your proposal was approved, you could still get denied on the playa if your build did not live up to your proposal. Saw that happen numerous times. So this new policy will add a little more uncertainty. My biggest concern is that the funky jalopies built by low budget hobbyists will no longer make the cut in favor of big budget pro builds. Trilo says the goal is maintain diversity, but we’ll see.

        • “So this new policy will add a little more uncertainty.”

          My understanding is that before, if you got denied it was because you failed. This new policy provides denial at the subjective caprice of the Borg, presumably purely to cut the number of MVs.

          • The policy was pretty subjective before, too. There was one group had a flatbed truck wrapped in illuminated wire that looked awesome at night but got denied because it wasn’t as impressive during the day. They camped across from us and worked all week to try to make it better, to no avail. We all thought it was unfair. Even our little jungle cruise boat almost got denied on playa in 2009 because the DMV inspector thought it should’ve had a waterwheel design. I got snippy and told him that wasn’t in the original design and he said he’d have to ask his supervisor. We were on tenterhooks for about 15 minutes until the guy finally came back and gave us our stickers.

          • Great example of how ridiculous this secret system is, given the kinds of people involved in enforcing it. “Hey just wait around in the desert for 15 minutes because I imagine your art car having a paddle wheel, who cares if that wasn’t on your initial plan”

          • “There was one group had a flatbed truck wrapped in illuminated wire that looked awesome at night but got denied because it wasn’t as impressive during the day.”

            Were they going for a day & night license, or just night?

            What happens when the DMV denies your license? Where does the MV go?

            “…and he said he’d have to ask his supervisor. We were on tenterhooks for about 15 minutes until the guy finally came back and gave us our stickers.”

            Sounds like the Borg had NPD management (people not rules) before the sellout. Looks like the sellout just let them get control over more people’s lives. The question is not if the Borg and the NV burn will continue, but just how much it will deteriorate as the burners have less and less control over what they do while the Borg control it more and more.

        • It seems clear that “new” is going to be favored above “old”; and, like with Dancetronauts and Opulent Temple last year, the public reason given for a decision may not be the real reason.

          Not to worry, since they’ve banned appeals.

        • “Haven’t brought an MV since 2009…”

          Can you say that the unreliability of ticketing has discouraged you bringing a MV? If you get tickets, do you expect to do your “performance” participation in 2016?

          • No, the wife and I skipped 2010 just to take a break, then I went solo in 2011 and 2012 camping with another group doing the mobile wet plate photography darkroom. Our MV was funded, built and operated by my wife and I, and two other couples. Cost the group maybe 3 grand, total, over 6 months. There’s no reason on earth to attempt something needing goddamn Kickstarter campaigns and large crews. If you can’t afford it, don’t build it. I’d love to see lots of smaller, low-budget MVs out there. I mean, there are already a lot, but this focus on bigger is stupid. Our MV could EASILY be done with the current ticketing situation.

          • Oh, and my performance was acting as the jungle cruise tour guide, pointing out the playa sights and riffing on them and with the people on the boat. It was hilarious and fun and pretty specific to that MV. I haven’t performed like that on the playa since 2009, aside from carnival barking to draw people to the wet plate photography thing. My other contribution was to develop the plates on site. And of course, that project has flourished post ticket sellout. That group cobbles together tickets just like all the rest of the non-placed camps. Some of us get tickets in the initial sale, the rest of us keep trying with all the usual avenues. Any of us who fund an extra ticket places it in the group pool. Every year since the ticket sellout, we’ve gotten full participation. Not one time has someone who wanted to go not gotten a ticket. And we do not have any inside angles with the BMORG. Our camp is between 15 and 20 people.

          • Sorry, to answer your question about 2016, my wife and I will be camping with a group bringing an installation and some interactive fun. I’m not yet sure what exactly my contribution will be aside from muscle, but I’ll think of something. I’d love to bring another MV and am already brainstorming for 2017.

          • Thanks for the reply, JV. Glad that you have been able to do your thing since the sellout, but the ticketing gauntlet, even as you have described as being successful for you, is added coordinated effort that we are not up for – or at least not to my knowledge.

            Our camp does not need a MV, just really a sign that I have from 2014 ($40 at Staples), and some otherwise typical camp equipment and libations. We are not that organized and need a burn where we can just go. We can really run the camp with just two people, but it is best if we have the ability to congeal into a larger group for a given time/place.

          • Sure, you can’t just decide last minute to go anymore, unless you’re offered a ticket at the last minute. Some planning and hustle is needed now because tickets sell out. If that is a dealbreaker for you, that’s understandable. I don’t see how, with the demand for tickets, that could be remedied to fit your “spur of the moment” criteria.

    • “…I’d bet the BLM or Pershing County is behind the MV cap…”

      Are you saying that the Borg would withhold such information from the burners? What would they have to gain, other than the illusion that the Borg are in control? Seems blaming the BLM or Pershing County would be an easy deflection of this onerous policy change.

      Presuming you are not correct on your speculation, seems they are just imposing their theme image on the creativity of the burner volunteer entertainment for the CCamp spectators. The problem of “too many” MVs seems strange, since they have the option of approving MVs for only playa use, an existing DMV licensing category. Why not just note that the un-approved MVs will be restricted to the playa license?

      • What is the playa only license? Can only be driven on the open playa? Where would they park it? I’d like to hear more about the reasoning behind the cap, but from the eplaya post, it seems like it’s more about the overwhelmed application admin process and the on-playa approval process. I suppose the could beef up the DMV staff. I don’t know, maybe we’ll hear more about it in an official post. Or maybe not.

          • Oh OK. I’m not sure that solves the issue of too many MVs, as I’ve never encountered a traffic jam of MVs on the city streets. I don’t think that is the issue they’re trying to address with the new policy.

          • So what do you think is the issue they’re trying to address with the new policy? Do you REALLY think it is a not-disclosed complaint from the BLM or county? And if so, what is the BLM/county motivation?

            Of course my explaination is that they just want more control over the MVs, and the NPD supplies that come from that.

          • From Trilo’s post on eplaya:

            “In spite of the stricter requirements, the number of applications has steadily grown, and the number of thoroughly mutated vehicles now exceeds what we can accommodate on the playa. Burning Man is primarily a pedestrian and bicycle city, and only a fraction of burners can bring a vehicle before the playa becomes too crowded with them. Our goal is to enable our creative community of artists making mutated vehicles to show off their creations, while balancing the needs of playa preservation, visual stimulation, and safety.”

            From that I gather that the number of MVs is getting close to unmanageable from a traffic and safety perspective, and that law enforcement has probably weighed in, and the unfortunate fatal accident in 2014 also probably played a part in this decision. Yes, they want more control over MVs, but I don’t think it’s just a power trip. Other major policy changes, like the dreaded vehicle pass, are the direct result of pressure from and negotiations with numerous agencies, primarily the BLM. Odds are the new MV policy is in that category.

  4. This is all okay because last year my penis art car got approved and we rolled until the wheels fell off. This year I’m making it into a vagina car and we’re gonna roll until the wheels fall off, but it’s a vagina now. Our secret weapon is changing it from a penis to a vagina. It’s a big old vagina and full of lights and stuff, so look out for us out there because our pussy be rolling.

  5. Did you see the stipulation that all 2016 Art Cars will be burned in the piazza with The Man on Saturday night? Certainly solves the piazza sight-line problems, but is little compensation to those whose Art Cars are declined admission.

  6. Borg isnt regulating based on clear guidelines, they are “curating” (packaging their event) per some undefined “aesthetic” as perceived by a select, secretive, unseen few. FUCK that shit.

    • In the past, art cars were regulated based on guidelines for mutation. Not some select prima donna’s determination of common “aesthetic”.
      This event is no longer open to free expression. It’s carefully edited, formulated, packaged, all for consumption by selected** (rich) few. No authenticity. Fakery. FUCK THAT.
      If I were to attend again (which I refuse to do), I’d be inclined to piss all over a concierge camp’s entryway, or worse, take a dump. The fine would be worth it. I’ve nothing but utter contempt for this machinery. I miss burning man. A failed experiment, but it was sweet when it worked.

      • It’s okay, you just got to make an artcar that’s like a vagina. Vagina artcars always get approved, so you just get some towels and shit and glitter and flowers and some birds and bam! it’s an artcar and you can roll around until the wheels fall off. Make sure everyone knows it’s a vagina by telling them it’s a vagina.

      • ///////////////Everything will be OK.

        The 2016 theme was selected by a group of experienced burners with many years of both theme camp and Art Car experience. You saw the original representative volunteer list, and had a chance to see what they were committed to, discuss issues with them, and vote for the 12 that you wanted. Similarly, the Art Car curators were selected by the same burner representatives and you had a chance to vote on them too. This is then what they came up with, and you were fully enfranchised in these representatives.

        Even though there will be no appeals, it was clearly stated that each Art Car submission will be scored on the form the Art Car curators will publish for comment BEFORE the forms are submitted in February. Then, each score form will be published, both selected and declined, along with the submittal form pages that don’t show personal information but do show all the information that is scored. And as they noted, the submitters have the option of not having their pictures published.

        And as they said, to partially compensate for this added overhead, each Art Car team will get one FREE ticket.

        Sounds pretty fair to me!////////////////

        …Ooops. That was that alternate reality intersecting with this one. Sorry. Like I said before, they will just use their wonderful Borg magic! Happy volunteering, and good luck with the tickets.

  7. Awesome post, burnersxxx.

    The prior Burning Man was about near to all Burners participating in throwing an awesome party, burning numerous art projects, and much fire on the playa. The culture, in regards of mutant vehicles available to any Burner desiring of a lift, might there be a seat, was awesome, in due of most Burners participated in the throwing of the party, of their own manner, and they were most deserving of the lift.

    At present, most people attending Burning Man are new, and are spectators of the awesome party. Few people are of the realization of the owners of the mutant vehicles are not treated in a proper manner by the Borg in due of the owners of the mutant vehicles are paid $0 of the costs of their mutant vehicles, they do not gain free tickets to the burn, they must pay the $50 vehicle levy, their theme camps do not gain placement in due of their mutant vehicles, and they are not within the directed sale of tickets, except of a few mates of the Borg. The owners of the mutant vehicles are not even permitted, in a public manner, to request a change of the rules, might they desire their mutant vehicle be approved by the Borg.

    A principle of the new Burning Man is Radical Entitlement of I bought a $400 ticket, thus gift me a lift, and gift me a mutant vehicle that is art, and gift me new mutant vehicles to view, in place of the prior mutant vehicles, in despite of $0 dollars of each $400 ticket is paid towards mutant vehicles. This is most unfair towards the awesome mutant vehicle owners, whom labour for months on their mutant vehicles each year, and whom spend thousands of dollars of their cash on their mutant vehicles. What does the Borg do for the awesome mutant vehicle owners to require of them to do this, it is a most unfair trade.

    …Sorry, but that is my reaction. I feel sorry for those of you who have not found other burns, but still hope to find the old Burning Man at the NV burn.

    What is fun is to guess the next part of the NV burn they will manipulate for NPD supplies. Maybe curating the theme camps? Judging your playa costume? Approving your camp food? Bike decorations? Color of your bike lock?

    Of course you know the best part, with no appeal and no digression and explanation on those not approved, is that the inside track of sucking up to the Borg will be all the more at play.

  9. I brought playa art to my first burn. I thought that was what burning man was about, an infinitely uncurated gallery where anyone can be an artist. Over the years I’ve noticed more and more curated large scale art and less and less small scale art done by just a few people. If they need to put limits on art cars gone wild, how about requiring that they firm up the tradition that any empty seat is available to anyone who flags down a ride. It’s distressing that the new rules imply that only larger art cars need to be publicly available. How can this new rule not increase the ratio of small semi-private vehicles, which will be cheaper to get past the curation bar.

  10. I appreciate some of your info, but why are you increasingly and now generally so negative about the event? Your column is becoming a downer. Not balanced. Always slanted to the critical perspective. Most of my burner friends seem to feel that the MVs are out of control and one for every 6’attendees does seem ridiculous to most of us. When the majority of people are zooming by you on the playa in Motorized vehicles, it will be a profoundly different event. If you are so negative about it, or so critical, why not start your own event? See how that goes. Maybe great… Maybe not. Easy to criticize, harder to do it yourself. Good luck to you brudda.

    Regards; Ed


    • “…why not start your own event?”

      An old retort from the faithful, but soon there will be enough rejected art cars and ticketless burners to make a pretty fair alternate burn. Sounds like the SF crowd needs to find a location, somewhere between there and Fernley, to hold a burn at the same time. Time to start looking, gang.

      Or, make the trek to!

      • Actually, I would bet that getting Lance to find a place should be fairly easy. Has anyone contacted him? Having his own burn overflow event might be right up his alley, and he already has all the local contacts you might need for approvals. You could burn Larry in effigy. The Common Man Burn? …Burnt Larry? …We need to work on the title.

        …Remember, you heard it here, first!

        • Having a burn on private property is more the norm. In fact, one wonders why LarryLLC chose public land – unless you remember NPD traits. There is an explicit subservient hierarchy when you rent land from a landowner – easier to to use public land so there is no “person” that you are beholding to. Of course it gives rise to all sorts of government claims and complications as we have seen. Consider all the comping mechanisms the Borg must be using to deal with all these people who are not among the faithful. …One that comes to mind might be stricter control over their faithful – you know, like choosing what MVs are allowed instead of taking on the issue of vehicles and safety directly.

          • The burn is on public BLM land in due of Pershing County, and Washoe County, desired to screw over Burning Man in due of prejudice against dirty hippies, and the BMOrg was of the ability to gain a permit from the BLM. In addendum, the Nevada Festival law, might Burning Man be on private land and have more than 1,000 people, states of clothing optional is most illegal, and the county is permitted to pen their own festival laws, and screw over Burning Man in due of their prejudice.

            Little might the counties have been of the realization of that awesome Burners, whom deserve our Gratitude, might provide numerous thousands of jobs to people of the counties, and the awesome artists might assist towards changing the image of Reno, in due of their art and culture.

          • Lance has the government contacts to make this happen, including past extensive experience working with the BLM. Since we are not like the Borg, and don’t suffer from NPD, we can trust others to handle things. Talk to Lance. He has high political capital right now. He might figure a way for this to leverage a Common Man Arts Festival to help his US Highway project, or at least score points with Tesla. HEY! Art Cars… Tesla Cars. Maybe have more electric cars next year? Any rejected electric cars this year? …But there won’t be any now that the Borg has read this. So, you know how to get your Art Car approved: make it electric.

    • The Borg no longer states ‘if you do not like the manner we are managing our festival, start your own’ in due of many awesome burner groups did so, and tickets are, at present, on sale for awesome burnerly festivals, and each festival has their own culture. Many Burners do not know of these festivals in due of is not permitted to converse in regards of these festivals upon any website, or Facebook group, assimilated by the Borg. These awesome festivals are of cultures that discourages festival bros and EDM kids from attending the festivals.

      Envision Festival in Costa Rica, February 25 to February 28, envisionfestival dot com.
      Serenity Gathering, March 17 to March 20, serenitygathering dot com.
      Lucidity Festival, April 8 to April 10, 2016 dot lucidityfestival dot com.
      Further Future by the awesome Robot Heart, April 29 to May 1, furtherfuture dot com.
      Lightning In A Bottle by the awesome DoLabs, May 25 to May 30, lightninginabottle dot org.
      Ignight Fire Flow Conference, June 17 to June 19, ignightconference dot com.

      Other burnerly festivals, and art events, not within the control of the Borg are in the manner of Symbiosis, Figment, Wasteland Weekend, Shambala, and of other burns.

      In addendum, the BMOrg permit for the playa, with the BLM, ends after the 2016 burn, and how many awesome Burner groups have they screwed over?

    • What is there positive? All the old time positives are on their way out. “Bro”.
      I mean what the hell is fucking positive about “curating” via unseen unknown event editors. It’s completely*** against the original intent of the event!!

  11. I actually think this seems reasonable. There is not enough room for every theme camp and the number of art cars is now crazy.

    But I *would* like to see them start publishing the info on the applicants, who was accepted and rejected, and why.

    Otherwise you are just pissing in the wind and hoping for the best.

    • Might the Borg desire less mutant vehicles, if might be most fair to state to the awesome mutant vehicle owners to place awesome daytime, or nighttime, art, of any manner, on their vehicles, and within 2016 the DMV will labour to assist you in these regards, and might you have a priorly permitted mutant vehicle, and make attempts in this manner, you will gain the daytime, or nighttime, licence. And, within 2017, the mutant vehicles owners whom desire to do so, the vehicles will be fully mutated, and have art on their vehicles, and thus gain the desired licence.

      But, the Borg desires of out with the old, and in with the new, the Borg stated to the DMV to refuse to labour with the mutant vehicle owners in a fair manner in due of no appeals, and the Borg desires mutant vehicles to be redesigned each burn to be within the theme of the burn, while the Borg does not desire to give the mutant vehicle owners free tickets, or free vehicle passes, or even place the mutant vehicle owners, and their crews, within the directed sale of tickets.

      • One other item that is most disturbing in regards of the new mutant vehicle rules is of there is no value placed upon contributions towards the event, and towards the community. Might the Borg utilize the excuse of ‘we decided not to approve of your art’ to screw over mutant vehicles that, perchance, might not ‘be in good standing with the org’, in the same manner the Borg screwed over Opulent Temple for placement within 2015, in despite of their awesome prior contributions, and their awesome appeal of the rubbish? Several of EDM vehicles might come to mind in this manner.

        • Interesting that they are leaving the criteria vague and have suggested that they would entertain EDM cars – that they banned to the DMZ this year. Combine that with no appeals, and presumably no explicit rationale for how you might get your MV on playa next year, you have them seeking classic NPD supplies.

          Wow. The MV people are so screwed. Burnersxxx, you need to start a new thread: “How to Suck Up to the Borg.”

  12. Completely un-f***ing-acceptable. There can be no doubt it is over in spirit. Since when does someone’s creativity have to fit someone else’s “aesthetic” at burning man? Apparently now. F**k you burning man. F**k you BORG. Yes, thank the universe I got to see it back in the day before it was ADULTERATED. FFS.
    Bon voyage to the days of La Contessa. Farewell to the days of FREE EXPRESSION.

      • Well thank you. I see I have more freedom here than I would at burning man these days. FUCK YOU BURNING MAN! Completely intolerable to censor people, especially with a corrupt holier-than-thou unseen chosen few. Blows my fucking top! Killing creativity on favor of formulating product.

    • And if they were truly concerned about risks to pedestrians and bicycles they would would do something about the excessive number of law enforcement vehicles, many of which I watched (via Web stream)going way too f***ing fast day or night.

      • Obviously referring to the 2015 event in my previous post, a zillion law enforcement cars zooming in all directions at unsafe speeds, based on Web stream viewing.

      • That’s an old problem, the beginning of the Borg literally throwing the burner under the bus to placate LE…

        Burning Man V15:#28:08.16.11 LAW ENFORCEMENT
        August 17, 2011 at 9:59pm
        V15:#28:08.16.11 LAW ENFORCEMENT:

        “Remember that once you arrive at your campsite, driving is prohibited except for DMV licensed mutant vehicles. NO SPEEDING anywhere in Black Rock City, including Gate Road!”

        UNLESS YOU ARE LAW ENFORCEMENT! You see, unlike your vehicles, the LE vehicles are made from a magical material that, when it hits Burners, does no damage. It only tickles a bit. That’s why they are allowed not only to cruise the BRC streets, but to speed across the playa.

        Their SUV headlights also emit a magical light, that unlike normal light, does not cause bleaching of the retina and night blindness. If you shine a light in someone’s eyes at the Burn, at night, when their irises are open, it will screw up their vision for quite some time, and it’s dangerous. But if you are temporarily blinded by an LE SUV’s headlights cruising the BRC streets, it is only your imagination. Besides, if they hit you, no damage will be done. Just beware of running into a Burner on a bike (as if that could ever possibly happen).

        Their vehicles also run on pixie dust, so there is no gratuitous depletion of natural resources. Their vehicle exhaust only emits angle’s breath, and the dust you think they create is only a cloud of good will, so breathe deep! They add to the magic of the Burn.

        As metaphysically powerful as they are, the LE cannot get radios that work like the Rangers. That’s why they cannot keep their SUVs parked at the perimeter of BRC, only to be called in as necessary. (After all, who could possibly figure out where anything is in BRC? Its layout is entirely inscrutable, with no practical place to park SUVs at the perimeter.) Instead, they must cruise the BRC streets, using hand signals to communicate. To date, the Rangers refuse to reveal to LE the pagan rites that let them communicate at a distance through the ether.

        Remember, most of the LE officers in the SUVs are handicapped, so they cannot bike the streets like Rangers. Yet, they possess x-ray vision, where they can actually see what is going on in BRC better from inside their SUVs than normal mortals can from a bike or walking. Any rumors that the LE just feel disenfranchised from the event, and need the emotional support of being inside a vehicle, are unfounded speculation. After all, what’s really more important, your safety, or their emotional comfort?

        Remember: Have fun!

        And for rugged self-reliance, bring your own body bag. (Be satisfied in the knowledge that you are making one more ticket available in 2012!)

      • The BMOrg has conversed with the police in regards of their most unsafe speeding for years, and the police reply ‘Fuck you’. It is solely a matter of time prior of when they kill a Burner on the playa in this manner.

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