Hack for Good for Christmas

reallocate christmasReallocate.org is a charity founded by Burners and staffed by Burners, but you don’t have to be into Burning Man to participate. Anyone who has skills that they would like to use to help charities around the world can join Reallocate.

Reallocate are hosting a Christmas-themed HACKtivation at the Embassy, 399 Webster St San Francisco. It’s on next Saturday, December 14th from 9:30am until 10PM.

HACKtivations are a chance for people to use their skills to contribute something good to the community, by helping projects that do social good to thrive. This is a great way to show your support for Burner principles like Gifting, Civic Responsibility, Radical Inclusion, and Radical Self-Expression. There are a total of 80 spots available, sign up now because previous events have filled up.

  • ReAllocate is hosting its 3rd HACKtivation! You can still wear your Santa Costume and join us to #hackforgood!

    Date/Time: December 14th 9:30AM -10:00 PM
    Registration: http://hacktivationd14.eventbrite.com/

    Location: The Embassy – 399 Webster St, San Francisco 

    Calling all coders, designers, entrepreneurs, and curious do gooders. Come and lend your amazing talents for good. We will provide the place, food, drinks and projects. You just need your skills, smiles and computers. Sign up now for one of the 80 spots available!

    HACKtivation December 14th
    Join us for the next ReAllocate HACKtivation. We are welcoming new partners, new teams of developers, designers and entrepreneurs and growing the community of people who want to use their skills to help social good projects thrive

    An introduction to our project partners:

    BAYCAT educates, empowers and employs underserved youth and young adults to produce digital media that tells their unique stories and engages them to positively transform themselves, their communities and the world.

    PollVault is a new non-partisan website designed literally around your ballot, delivering all the information you need to make better voting decisions in a single, easy-to-read format. 

    Bay Bucks’s mission is to foster a more just and sustainable economy in the Bay Area. We are enabling people to create their own money through a process called Mutual Credit Clearing, so that money can always be available when a productive member of the community needs it.

    #GameName is a smart phone game that taps into the everyday lives of disconnected youth and connects them to resources and people in their communities.

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