BLM Makes Burning Man Video

Burning Man is the largest “Leave No Trace” event and the largest permitted event on Federal land in the United States. As such, it is administered by the Winnemucca office of the Bureau Land Management. The BLM have made a promotional video starring their rangers and a whole host of Burners.

BLM PR Officer Mark Turney. Photo: Susan Karlin

BLM PR Officer Mark Turney. Photo: Susan Karlin

It seems that the BLM have their own volunteer ranger force now too, the Earth Guardians. The video is surprisingly well made…your tax dollars at work. I, for one, like it when cops seem to “get it”. The cops who look around baffled, and pained to be there, kill the buzz for everyone.

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  2. wheres the video of mass vehicle stops, arrests and drug dogs? Whats the website address url you got the video from

    • if you look at the video, there’s a small thing in the bottom right that says “YouTube”. If you click that, it will take you to the website URL I got the video from.

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  5. Earth Guardians has had a camp since 1999. It’s been on the esplanade as long as I’ve been going. Not hard to miss, unless you spend all your time at 10&2 and never venture down towards 6. Which I suspect might be exactly how burnersxxx experiences the event. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s kind of hilarious when sticking to a small corner of the BRC makes you think long time fixtures are new. Looking forward to the post when burnersxxx discovers Lamplighters.
    Eart Guardians does tours outside the trash fence. You can see the hot srpings (but not swim in them). I highly recommend taking an EG tour

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