Droning On, on the Radio

Fast forward to 6:30 for the start of the KCRW/NPR interview. Some highlights: “We’re kind of a petri dish”…The danger is: “could cut up a person real quick…”. Apparently this issue has created “vitriol” amongst Burners. “A drone can’t ask permission”. “Anyone who comes to Burning Man and walks around naked, or wears a dildo on their head…that should be on them, not on the rest of us”

drone 2013

I think the point about these aircraft creating danger for the highly flammable Man, and Temple, is a fair one – but idiots shooting the structures with lasers, especially while people are still inside, are a much more dangerous problem.

It’s hard to see how 21:12 of this adds much to our collective Burn experience, national radio interview or not. Seems like a self-indulgent hobby at the expense of others, a bit like using leaf blowers instead of good old fashioned rakes. Perhaps at Caravanaserary, some enterprising Burner will bring a leaf blower and chainsaw, not just any chainsaw, the best electric chainsaw powered by the sun, and operate them next to the drone bases.

What thinkest thou, Burners?


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