One-Man Burning Man Clown on NY Streets

matthew silver ny clownMeet Matthew Silver, the Great Performer. He’s the clown who brings Burning Man to the streets of New York every day. People look at him like he’s crazy, but he’s not crazy…he’s just a clown!

From Gothamist:

Below you’ll meet Matthew, who takes a No Fear and All Love approach to the streets of New York, which some people react to better than others. As one fan explains to some kids in the video, “He puts smiles on people faces, you know, that’s like one day you come through here and had a hard day at school, then you see brother Matthew over here, you see him, and you stop, and you start smiling and stuff. Then your hard day it’s not so hard. He does it to me, it makes me smile.”

“To make change in the world is not as complicated as people make it out to be. Sometimes it’s something as simple as you giving and receiving love”

“You could do it too…as long as you open up your heart”

Now THIS is something that the Burning Man Project could get into. What is better to spread Burner culture around the world – half an hour of Larry Harvey making international speeches, or a year of Matthew clowning? The cost is probably the same. I guess it depends if Burner culture is “intellectual respect for our ideology and achievements”, or “new licensing deals from regionals”…or “opening hearts and generating more love in the world”.


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