Update From the Burner Front Lines of Afrika

Burning Man’s Social Alchemist Bear Kittay is on a mission to attend as many regional Burns as he can. Seeing them all in a year is about as likely as seeing everything there is at Burning Man in a week. He has made it to Afrika Burn this year, and he reports that it blew his mind:

Burners in a Land Down Under

Burners in a Land Down Under…I didn’t know they had bears in Africa?

Afrikaburn this year was unlike any “regional” I’ve been to, or even like Afrikaburn was last year, to me. This year saw a city of 10k people gather in the Tankwa, much more racial and societal diversity, magical art all around, a powerful sense of purpose and unity. I’m still reeling in the experience, this was as powerful as any Playa experience I’ve ever had. Hit me by surprise, kicked my ass, made me cry, I’m full of a new wind of purpose — this Burning Man culture is working… FAST, in places that are working hard to right injustice and move into a better future. The “jaded” burner and “apathetic” burner seem to not really exist here, there is an immediacy to this culture here in South Africa that spreads from the 1% to the townships. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow during the elections (20th anniversary of the end of apartheid). Inspired by all the stories…

We look forward to hearing more of Bear’s adventures when he gets back home, if they’re not on the official blog or Afrikaburn site, we’re happy to write about them here.


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  2. I hope I am being culturally sensitive when writing this, I have no idea how I am suppose to address people who are ethnically African.

  3. I am not trolling, and I am genuinely wondering why I don’t see indigenous Africans there. Most of the photo galleries I clicked through have all been European descent. Is it an SES thing or people just don’t see a point in going unless they have been in the BRC one?

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