Burning Man “Minute”?

caveat magisterBurning Man’s “is-he-or-isn’t-he-a-volunteer-media-co-ordinator” Caveat Magister has got into video production now. “The Burning Man Minute” is a great example of what we would get if Burning Man was created by BMOrg, and not the Burners. For the odd few readers who complain about our free cartoons, maybe you will find this brilliant and hilarious.

A summary, for those who don’t have a spare minute two minutes and eight seconds to watch “The Burning Man Minute”:

  • Larry Harvey has named an Eleventh Principle: Chewy Nougat
  • Burners and Juggalo’s share 98% of the same gene; they are closer to each other than dogs but not chimpanzees; they probably reproduced at Coachella
  • lighting a bowl of cereal on fire achieves nothing
  • Burner Tom Wellington in Rochester, New York took a blue pill on the Playa and was high for 9 months. He returned from BM and couldn’t stop hugging everyone. He has only just come down and can only remember three of the Ten Eleven Principles

It’s hard to tell if this news is meant to be true, or if it’s just more lies from BMOrg. Unfortunately, I suspect the latter. If lighting a bowl of cereal on fire achieves nothing, what does lighting wooden statues achieve?

What ever happened to the Burner Service Announcements? They were brought to us from “Built by Burners”, and funny.

5 comments on “Burning Man “Minute”?

  1. If it isn’t authorized by the BMP, I assume there will quickly be a takedown notice? Seems like it is trying to be the onion news, a parody or spoof. Not so much funny.

    • BMP? The BMP holds no direct rights to “Burning Man.” They only license “Burning Man” from Decommodificiation LLC. Dave, please try to keep up. It will be on the final exam.

      • BMP has the “management control”, though, as Larry and Marian described to Scribe in his mega-interview. Pulling the arrows out of my back, and rubbing salve on the troll bites, I can see why Scribe “learned to just give up and trust Larry”…one journalist’s capitulation to avoid overloading his life with negativity, doesn’t somehow magically change history and truth.

        The Burning Man Minute is being promoted by BMP directors and in the Jackrabbit speaks, Burners.Me isn’t. Which makes me think the former is “officially endorsed”. Who funded it, is unknown…as you’ve pointed out though Nomad, it’s not exactly a big budget production!

  2. Was that “official?” Was someone actually being paid to do that?

    Think of all the newbies! However will they understand? ;(

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