Nevada Recognizes Burning Man as an Official Event

sesqui nevada coinThis year Nevada is celebrating its sesquicentennial – 150 years. As part of it, they have formally recognized Burning Man as an official event.

From BMOrg’s blog:

Nevada Makes Burning Man An Official Event On Its 150th Birthday

For its sesquicentennial celebration, the state of Nevada has recognized Burning Man as one of its official events. It’s an honor to be a part of history, and we’re excited to hang out in Nevada’s future, too. From the Nevada 150 organizers:

Nevada150thAnniversaryNevada’s Sesquicentennial, the 150th anniversary of Nevada’s admission to the Union, will provide opportunities for celebration and reflection as we come together statewide to commemorate our shared history and build a foundation of cultural appreciation for generations to come. Nevada’s one of a kind and diverse history will be celebrated throughout the state for an entire year in order to promote pride in the shared heritage of all Nevadans. Nevada’s Sesquicentennial celebration will commence on Nevada Day 2013 and conclude with an expanded Nevada Day celebration October, 2014. For more information, please visit

The headline makes it sound like Nevada used the day of it’s 150th birthday to single out Burning Man and give it “official” status, making it formally part of the state forever. The comments even imply that Burning Man now has a bigger part to play in Nevada’s future.

It sounds impressive, until you click the link and see what other events received this official recognition. Some examples: Carson City Historical Lecture, Fallon Cantaloupe Festival, Ruby Mountain Relay – they are just some of the 21 official events in August alone, and 122 in total. Burning Man didn’t even make the “Signature Event” level.

Still, congratulations Burning Man, well done! You’ve become a part of Nevada’s history.


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