Flash Mob 2014!

Here’s a game for Burners to play at Caravansary. Maybe it’ll be fun, maybe it’ll be lame. Maybe it will be an ice breaker for shy Burners, or a guide for the Virgin who’s not sure what to do and where to go next. Maybe it will help get some activity going in some of the back streets. There’s more crazy shit going on in Black Rock City than just the Esplanade and the Playa.

Go to each hour, and the number of the hour in letters, on the hour.

trippy clock2pm  2:00 & B

3pm  3:00 & C

4pm  4:00 & D

5pm  5:00 & E

6pm  6:00 & F

7pm 7:00 & G

8pm 8:00 & H

9pm 9:00 & I

10pm 10:00 & J

If you play the game, and show up at one of these locations at one of these times…tell ’em Burners.Me sent you. And send us a photo!



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