A Burn for Everyone Else

With all the talk of the “rich people invasion” and “celebrity invasion” and “class war”…it’s nice to see there are still alternatives for Burners who believe it’s what we all contribute that makes a Burn special.

Burnt Soup is an event in Texas over Labor Day weekend, based on the “Stone Soup” principles.

When: August 28-September 1, 2014 (Thursday – Monday).

Where: Recreation Plantation – Dripping Springs, Texas.

What: A celebration of Summer in Central Texas.

How: With your friendship and help. Check out the volunteer page for info and signup.

How Much: $40 for anyone 12 years and older / $15 for kids :: RSVP REQUIRED!

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Is it a Burn? Sort of…there’s no vending, they’ll burn some stuff, and “the usual principles apply”. Their books are open, so Burners who donate can see that all the money actually gets spent where the organizers said it would.

Burnt Soup is a gathering to celebrate the end of Summer in central Texas. Is it a burn? Sort of. Maybe. Depending on how you look at it. We’ll burn some things, for sure, and the usual principles apply.

The Burnt Soup organizers are a small group of burners from around Texas. Most of us are veterans of Burning Man, Burning Flipside, and many other regional burns. Our aim is to make Burnt Soup a friendly, loving, well-organized, and safe event.

We value openness and transparency. All financial records for the event will be made available for review to anyone who asks. In other words: you can rest assured that your donation will go where we say it should go!
Burnt Soup is a burn event occurring over Labor Day weekend. Our goal is to foster community growth and self expression through the creation of a Temporary Autonomous Zone inspired by Burning Man and defined by its ten principles

Learn more at www.burntsouptx.com.

Burnt Soup has no budget at this time. All fees spent at the entrance gate go to the venue itself. As with all nascent events, some money needs to be spent up front in order to fund art and infrastructure. Without these things, the event can’t go. We need your support!

That’s right – we’re burning twice! We were able to get our hands on the remains of an old, unburned effigy from a different event. Like a phoenix, parts of that piece are being re-worked and re-birthed into a new effigy that will burn on the Saturday night of Burnt Soup. On top of that, we’re building an all-new temple structure that will provide a calm, contemplative space for participants to enjoy. We’ll burn the temple on Sunday

August 28-September 1, 2014 (Thursday through Monday)

Recreation Plantation – Dripping Springs, Texas

  • This is a private event – Entry/RSVP List only.
  • No dogs will be allowed at Burnt Soup. As much as we all love our canine friends, dogs and soup just don’t mix.
  • This is a Leave No Trace event
  • Entry fee paid directly to Recreation Plantation (no money goes to Burnt Soup; there is no event budget)
  • Gate Hours :: Thursday: noon-9 p.m.; Friday: 9 a.m.-midnight; Saturday: 9 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sunday: 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • $40 for adults 12 and over / $15 for kids
  • This event is about volunteerism. Critical volunteers are needed in proportion to the number of attendees. There is an attendance cap because of this. Volunteer here!
  • We cannot make the Soup without everyone’s contribution. Besides, it’s fun to Volunteer! We will reserve flexibility to add participants based on number of critical volunteers.

B.Y.O.Everything. – No Vending Available or Smiled Upon
(Ice will be sold by Rec Plant)

Other questions?

burnt souprsvp-01Name on Entry/RSVP List is required for entry. THIS INCLUDES ALL CHILDREN WHO WILL ATTEND.

Don’t forget – Burnt Soup needs volunteers! 

Burnt Soup needs your help! The Soup tastes bad without a good mix of ingredients (and, like Soylent Green, those ingredients are people!). Like any event of this type, we need a certain level of infrastructure in order for things to proceed in a (relatively) safe and (somewhat) sane manner. The more coverage we have in certain key areas, the more people can attend. Do your part for your community and sign up!

We need volunteers in the following areas:

  • Greeters (Lead: Sarafina)
  • Rangers (Lead: Mayhem)
  • PETS / Medical (Lead: Lizzard)
  • Fire Safety (Lead: Sassy)
  • Fire Response (Lead: Henry)
  • Fire Performers (Lead: Johnny AllAround)
  • Perimeter / Conclave (Lead: Warlock)
  • Effigy (Lead: Rocky) / Art (Lead: Robert)
  • Chicken Noodle Soup / Kids’ Village* (Lead: Goose)
  • Earth Guardians / Site Signoff (LEAD NEEDED!)

Attendance will be capped at 459, including children, so if you want to attend make sure you RSVP before Wednesday 28th.

Driving directions here. If anyone goes, please share your thoughts and photos with us.

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  1. Unfortunately,the Hays County burn ban is back on (it’s been Very dry in texas the last few years and we’ve had a couple of wildfires as well).so it’s looking like there won’t be a big effigy burn,but everything else is go.also,thanks for the generous contributions to help make this happen,rocky.

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