FTP: Now That’s What I Call A Burn

google doodle

Hope Sergei and Larry and Eric and all the rest of the Googlers and Nooglers are having a spiffing time out on the Playa.

For everyone else, there’s this:


3 comments on “FTP: Now That’s What I Call A Burn

  1. Google is not your friends, sweetheart. All corporations are fascist dictatorships. They are not driven by something resembling a soul, they are driven (by law) to protect their brand, bottom line and their investors. They will do this unrelentingly.

    Sorry, Santa Claus isn’t real.

  2. Funny but sad that this young person is so cynical. The truth is that any corporation has a culture and I know for a fact that Google’s is altruistic and humane. Like a person, this orientation can change, but the people employed there are watchful. There’s a reason so many are burners! This is the ideal they often strive for. Black and white thinking is comforting but misleading.

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