Sander’s Video: The Remix [Updates]

International mega-star DJ Sander van Doorn went to Burning Man for the first time this year, and had a life-changing experience. He released a video of it, which seemed very much like a promo video. We called him out on it, and he did the right thing – took it down, and has now released this one instead. Much more tasteful, including drone footage without safety rules violations.

Check out the fire devils at 3:00.

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Jorrit Monné from UBERcut
Shot on a Sony FS700 & Gopro Hero 3+

I was invited by Sander van Doorn’s team to join them to Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada USA to capture his experience in the best way possible. Although this was his first time (and mine too) attending the event, the video gives a pretty good idea on what the event was like for a DJ (and hopefully other attendees as well). This video was not made for commercial use, only to capture Sander’s precious BM moments (which, according to Sander himself, were life changing) and to be able to share them with his friends & fans.

Please Send me a message if your art is in the video, that way I can credit everyone who made these great creations!
Featured Art:
– Hybycozo
– StarfighterA by Christina Angelina
– Embrace by The Pier Group

We wonder why Burning Man Project Director Chip Conley hasn’t done the same – his blatant commercial for Fest300 is still up. The rumor we hear is that Sander got told off by the Burning Man Decommodification LLC IP enforcement team. They’re good at lashing out against the Burner community, but not so good when it comes to Us vs Them.

[Update 10/29/14 11:15am]

I may have spoken too soon about Sander removing the first video. It looks like it’s still available in certain places, but he has removed the “Sander van Doorn” promotional writing. Burner Jay has reported difficulty finding this remixed video on Vimeo, while the embedded version on this page still works. This also seems to be the case with the original video, which you can find here:

Did BMOrg complain to Vimeo, and as a consequence they removed their “Editor’s Pick” which had 2 million+ views? I hope not.

[Update 10/29/14 12:00pm]

Burner Jason has an answer for us direct from the video’s producers UberCut:

I asked UBERcut what happened to the Sander Van Doorn video, this was the reply:

It had to be put offline by The burning man committ You can mail for complaints
The video can be found on various sites still though

So there you have it – BMOrg tried to shut it down. There appears to be a double-standard at work here, where Fest300 can do all the commercial promotion they like, and BMOrg favorite Trey Ratcliff can actually sell advertising on his Burning Man video – but one of the world’s top DJs, who played at the event for free, can’t even put his name to his happy snaps.

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  2. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with capitalizing off the BM brand, anymore. The shark left the station a long time ago. There’s nothing to protect, BMorg has made sure of that. If someone can make a little or a lot of extra money by associating with whatever BM has become or was, I say go-for-it.

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