Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a Turkey Camp

Some members of the Lost Hotel sent us this video as an example of how interactive they were, handing out coffees and smoothies. Other Burners contacted us to point out that almost everyone in the video is wearing a wristband.


Surely “free coffee” would lead to lines longer than those for the $4 lattés at Center Camp?

Center Camp price list, 2011. image: Neil Girling/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Center Camp price list, 2011. image: Neil Girling/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Burners lining up for commercial transactions. Image: Masha/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Burners lining up for commercial transactions, 2007. Image: Masha/Flickr (Creative Commons)

The Lost Hotel and Caravancicle were built by the same people, using the same canvas cube technology; one group paid the sherpas of the other. Lost Hotel scored a Red on the MOOP map.


15 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a Turkey Camp

  1. Wow! It doesn’t look like they ever left their enclave to venture out into the “wild”. They have that unmistakable look of tourists trying to dress and act like locals and blend in. Why not show something interesting like the luxury and extravagance of the box hotel or of rides out to the deep playa or anything other than this.

  2. Jeez, was it a requirement that one be young & photogenic to be a member/guest at Lost Hotel? Where are the dusty, fat, naked, middle aged people like me?

  3. I notice “Abuse” is FREE at Center Camp! I bet that makes for a great volunteer training session. You don’t even have to ask for it, because in Bizarro Burning Man, abuse is a gift!

  4. Did one of the billionaire row camps, for their contribution towards the community, plan a circus, attempting to hire Burners as the circus acts to perform for them, but it failed to occur on the playa?

    It might have been a good video, might this be their contribution for 2015?

  5. If you need to make and disseminate a video that shows how just much love and light your camp is gifting to BRC then you are most likely DOING IT WRONG.

    Oh, the wristbands. FACEPALM.

    • Amazing lack of dust anywhere on anyone. Direct from store bikes at :46+.
      Maybe we have all been pulled in by a clever parody of the cliches of Burning Man?!?

      • AleXander: Come on, dude! They’re NOT covered with DUST because they’re filled with LOVE and LIGHT and P.L.U.R. and those forces create an internally generated force field that keeps the DUST and FILTH off of those beautiful ComCampers, I mean BEAUTIFUL BEINGS OF LIGHT or at least that’s JimmyT told me when he sold me a time share at Popsicle Camp. Namaste, bitches! 🙂

  6. Doesn’t Nevada law and the permits camps have to get for food service require that gloves are worn when handling food? So if those smoothies were for the public why isn’t the dude chopping lemons and juicing celery at about the 1:40 mark wearing gloves?

    Or do these camps get a pass on that rule too?

  7. The 2015 theme of Mirrors would be a good one to explore the idea of Narcissism – with this video providing a starting point for discussion.
    This 10 year Burner is seeing the direction of Burning Man and is exploring Radical Non-Participation – and will be pursuing Passion & Awe elsewhere.

    • Hahah, agree totally AleXander. Radical Non-Participation might be the ticket for this year. This video appears to display people “playing burners.” They look they are trying to copy what they think one should be doing at BM but it appears completely inauthentic.

  8. Professionally produced marketing video, populated with cookie-cutter models and boy dandies. Yeah, I’m convinced. Not sure this advertisement helps their cause.

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