Re-Cycling Bike MOOP

Last year we brought you news of a program to do something useful that alsoaddresses the problem of hundreds thousands of Burner bikes that get dumped on the Playa each year.

Well, good news, Burners: it worked. They sold 400 bikes to Burners and have shipped a container full of bikes to Africa. It’s great to hear about a Burner-generated initiative that is actually making a difference in the world.

With a little more support, something lasting can now be created to support the bikes and the lifestyle they enable.

Burner Lily says:

Last year we sold 400 bikes to Burners, and now we successfully have sent a container of pre-loved Burner Loop Bikes to Namibia which is a huge achievement! But to make this a real success story we need to complete our last stage of the project by offering crucial on ground support and empowerment over in Namibia next month.
We have launched a crowd funding campaign recently to raise money to achieve some awesome bike related projects like turning the shipping container into a bike workshop, building a BMX track, working with communities to understand their needs and improve the Loop Bike, and making a documentary to expose the need for mobility in places like this.

You can check out the campaign here:


loop bike



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  2. I bought a Loop bike last year and eagerly await news of how it’s being put to use in Africa (it’d be hard to miss with all the decorations I added). I found the bike easy to assemble and super easy to ride in BRC, with just the right gear, easy to use brakes, comfy saddle and useful rack. A lot of my friends have stored theirs in Reno for use this year and I’ll definitely be buying one if I go back. A great initiative and worthy cause to support for burners.

    • I brought three abandoned bikes from Burning Man to Canada, so far restored one to life and using it, the other two are being restored in the coming four weeks!

  3. We bought 3 of their bikes last year. They had a couple of minor teething problems with them but nothing that wasn’t easily fixable. It’s a great project & I’d definitely buy another bike from them – way better than getting one from Walmart!!

    In answer to the other comment, they cost $187 each including front basket (which was extra) & taxes. If I remember rightly & I mY be wrong they were manufactured in China, as are a lot of other bikes. This is what they say about them in their FAQs:
    The Loop bike has been subsidized by Lekker Bikes and Bicycles For Humanity. With their help we have been able to create a good quality, custom designed bike for its 2 lives while still keeping it at an affordable price for you burners.
    Check out their website –

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