Basic Burning Man Bitch

The Bold Italic has a hilarious look at the “Basic Bitches of the Bay“.

Although San Francisco in and of itself is a vibrant and unique city that fosters eccentricity, you will still see those who fall prey to the growing contagion of the Basic Bay Bitch. Without necessarily being bitchy, basic bitches embody the standard, typical nugget of certain SF subcultures. They can come in any age, gender, or race. You recognize them from a distance; and you also recognize yourself in them. So without any further ado, here are some of our most basic bitches:

One in particular looks very familiar!


Image: Leila Moussaoui, The Bold Italic

Image: Leila Moussaoui/The Bold Italic

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26 comments on “Basic Burning Man Bitch

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  2. A great comment from Smellykat at The Bold Italic. I’m a man and I get called a bitch all the time, and all kinds of other names too – and that’s just from my friends! 😉

    To be offended at the word ‘bitch’ is to do gender equality a disservice. It’s saying that women have such a thin skin that they can’t take criticism or insults. Whereas men, in general, can handled criticism and insults without going ballistic and writing a letter to the New York Times.

    If women are going to ever be perceived as equals, at some stage in the future they are going to need to learn about the principle of ‘Sticks and Stones’. If anything, ‘Sticks and Stones’ has been demolished from the female perspective over the last 50 years. Will it take anther 50 years before women develop a skin think enough not to go crying to the teacher every time they hear a bad word?

    • I’m trying to figure it out. Why can’t women handle insults and criticisms? I suppose it’s because they feel throughout history they have been constantly oppressed by men. They can’t wake up and eat their Corn Flakes in peace because Corn Flakes were invented by men. They can’t log on to the Internet in peace because the Internet was created by men; their smartphones were also created by men – it’s must be heartbreaking.

      Effectively women’s entire means of communication, their housing and where they sit reading this were built by men. It must be very oppressive to feel this all of the time every day. I suppose it’s understandable when they strike out against words – what else can they do? Everything that is supplied to them has been provided by men (except White Out and Kevlar). It’s understandable that this oppression would give rise to anger.

      I just hope that one day, women will put aside their everyday anger at every goddamn thing, and join the rest of us in peace and harmony.

    • The term is meant to be disrespectful of a certain kind of woman. It essentially means, ‘annoying’. There’s no reason that all women deserve respect, as many of them are quite annoying. To respect all women by virtue of their gender is to render the word ‘respect’ meaningless. Respect is earned, and can’t be applied to half of the population without reason.

      The word ‘bitch’ is the opposite of ‘asshole’ – as applied to men. “That woman is an asshole!” Doesn’t really work. Yet we do have women who are assholes. We just use the word ‘bitch’ to describe them.

      No need to get your panties in a bunch, ladies. Also, a woman created the illustration. Send HER your rage about how she’s a misogynist.

      • For the discerning gentleman, the new PC word for ‘bitch’ is ‘complicated’.

        “What’s your girlfriend like?”
        “Oh, she’s very… complicated.”

        But be warned, in 10 years or so the use of the word ‘complicated’ will be banned.

  3. Maybe it’s a divide between UK and US culture but I’m not comfortable at all with the use of the word ‘bitch’.

    Whether radical inclusion includes mockery or not – and to be honest I’m keen to avoid getting sucked into nitpicking definitions – I really think lifes too fucking short to be judging other women by their choice of leggings…

    • “Basic bitch” is something of a meme among some women, the cartoonist (a woman) here didn’t just decide to use the word “bitch” for no reason.

  4. Burning Man is the coalescing of two things a very obvious and thick line has been drawn between: Wealthy detached people with civilizations responsibilities and vices engrained since birth, and the freedom of being in a nomadic tribe paying tribute to the earth. Think of all the pollution that goes into yuppies travelling out there to look eachother in the eye and say ‘we did it’.

    Burning Man will approach statehood of ‘opiate of the masses’ and unapologetically has transformed the collection plate of Sunday church into a website where you purchase tickets. Leave this $ and ethos separate you fakers.

  5. All these haters commenting. The whole point of radical inclusion also means including mockery and other observations; especially when they focus on the meaningless “Burning Man ritual” that many seem to follow in lieu of actually embracing the principles.

  6. Burningman has turned into a joke now but it is still fun to go hang out with your friends and do drugs, act like you are cooler than the average person who can’t afford the ticket/camp fee, the time off! You might get lucky and get invited into a wealthy asshole’s camp! I am so precious..Consider yourself lucky if you don’t end up anywhere within the smelling range of someones genitals!

  7. Disappointed 🙁 !!! This is not in the spirit of Burning Man. Shame on you ‘ me burners and the man” shame on you !

  8. Aw, poor HugBunny. so upset that he doesn’t get to make fun of women as much as he wants. such oppression.

  9. you mean this isnt every single woman at burning man? weak. if youre going to make fun of people you can do sooo much better.

  10. Not really PC. We’re not longer allowed to criticize anything women do under any conditions.

    But I love stuff like this. Reminds me of the illustrations in the Preppy Handbook from the 80s. Funny that people won’t see humor in this and would rather will rather cry misogyny because it’s a woman. If it was a man in a Utilikilt and ski goggles and dusk mask from Walmart, it would be funny to everyone.

  11. I find it less “hilarious” and more ironic that BM’s principles include radical inclusion and self expression yet people still feel compelled to waste time illustrating and sharing dumb stereotypes like this.

    • All these haters commenting. The whole point of radical inclusion also means including mockery and other observations; especially when they focus on the meaningless “Burning Man ritual” that many seem to follow in lieu of actually embracing the principles.

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