Mad Max: Road to Burning Man

First we had Game of Thrones opening their fifth season with an episode named “Burning Man”. Now this…

I can’t wait for the new Mad Max movie, which critics have said is like Burning Man gone wrong.

[Update 4/14/15 5:38pm]

The name of the Game of Thrones episode was “The Wars to Come”. The misinformation came from Forbes, usually a fairly trustworthy source.

8 comments on “Mad Max: Road to Burning Man

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  2. **Puts on internet nerd fact checking glasses** The premiere episode of Game of Thrones was called The Wars to Come, not Burning Man. Though a mad was set on fire, that in itself is not a new concept nor related to the event at all. **Removes glasses in anticipation of being punched**

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  3. “… which critics have said is like Burning Man gone wrong.”

    So the movie portrays participants slaying spectators with fire, steel, rope and thirst while successfully convincing the marauding hordes that Crimson, Larry and Marian are blowing smoke out of their collective asses anytime they show up at a speaking engagement? Do they portray Rangers wearing Larry’s prescribed flying monkey suits? DPW shown to be the pretentious, little poseurs that they are? David Best unmasked as the entitled, self-absorbed Artist that he is?

    Might not be a movie worth seeing but it would damn sure be a good event to attend.

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