Stay in San Francisco – really…..

Burning Man’s original founder John Law shares an idea on how to address the cost of housing in San Francisco for artists. Keep the eccentrics in the city!

John Law

There may be a solution for some of us. The amazing P Segal has a plan that might actually work. A plan that would encourage well heeled business types to invest in keeping some (not necessarily web-based) creative types in our fair City. Sounds crazy I know, but hear me out.

GGB 1988 Don’t jump yet, there may be hope!        photo J Law 1986

Many people I know are already in Oakland or have moved back East and taken over small towns or established themselves in compelling corners of decaying East Coast, South West/East, or Midwest Cities. Places they can afford. Places they can live in and work and create without every goddamn dime they make going to more and more exorbitant rents for closets in poorly retro-ed apartments with eight roommates or greasy cold floor spaces in ramshackle garages. How many would stay here if they could simply afford…

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