What Is Right With Burning Man? Part 2: A Shaman’s Perspective

Part II of a guest post by Ayahuasca. Read Part 1 here. Happy New Year, Burners!


The flame that Burns the man is lit in a magickal cauldron named El Diabla. Image: Dust to Ashes/Flickr

The flame that Burns the man is lit in a magickal cauldron named El Diabla. Image: Dust to Ashes/Flickr

This mirror, designed by Ember, lights the flame in El Diabla that eventually burns The Man from the sun's rays

This lens, designed by Ember, lights the flame in El Diabla that eventually burns The Man from the sun’s rays

Burning Man begins with one of the founders using the power of the sun shining through a crystal to light the first flame that stays lit all week until the burning of the temple. If that doesn’t tell you there’s something special about Burning Man nothing will. Shamanism has been around for thousands of years and is deeply rooted and revered in many cultures. Most of the time the Shaman (man or woman) acts as the priest, doctor, therapist, lawyer, peacemaker, and more for communities. They are healers in the community and have learned to connect to spiritual worlds within themselves of which we all have access. I have heard it said before that a Shaman is a person who can teach you to view the world from a totally new perspective; a healer that can see to your true nature, that wants to heal you, that wants you to remove the masks you build up within yourself to cope with a dark and painful world.

I was born with a curiosity to know myself deeply. I have been referred to as an empath, indigo child, healer, shaman, wanderer, intuitive, and a few others. To put it simply I have always been drawn to self-reflection and understanding myself. I feel things extremely deeply; pain and suffering is difficult to witness for people like me. This natural journey has produced many so called ‘spiritual’ experiences. From experiencing satori ‘a moment of clarity’ or deep epiphanies, to witnessing a satori in another human, to becoming one with all things many times in deep meditation and feeling a deep connection with spirit, god, and the universe. To put it even simpler, I constantly look within for the answer. I look for trust and guidance from spirit and my inner knowing rather than what my mind or society thinks I should do. To be honest, it’s not easy. It can be a very lonely path to walk but being among my brothers and sisters at Burning Man knowing I am not the only one, creates deep healing within me as well. There are powerful healers all across the world and a high concentration of them at the Burn doing amazing work. When I walk through the gates and the first person says, “welcome home” I couldn’t be more grateful. This is home and this is where we are all going.

There was a time in our societies where the Shaman or Spiritual Worker was common. Every culture in history had them and they were an integral part of the society. Today, modern science has pushed aside generations of spiritual wisdom. Science and healthcare are extremely important and should be utilized, however we have completely forgotten the other side of the spectrum and have turned pharmaceuticals into a dangerous for profit entity rather than merging the two worlds together. Thankfully the knowledge is still here and holistic practitioners, energy workers, yogis and even Shamans are keeping the teachings alive. These people have mastered their minds and bodies through different disciplines such as yoga, meditation, earnest seeking, energy work, and more. Many of us are able to clear our minds and tune into the vortex deeply at any moment. As I allow the energy to pulse through me I can easily drop into powerful altered states instantly. The depth of this state happens infrequently in the default world and instantaneously on the playa. I’m absolutely using ‘the force’. To someone who has never practiced the art of looking within and clearing their mind, this may seem a little fantastic and I can assure you it is nothing special, although sometimes it is righteously special! I could go into stories about supernatural experiences but I don’t want you to think that is the purpose of the practice. The purpose of the practice is to connect with yourself, to trust yourself, to have a deep connection that no one can take away from you.

The most telling and profound proof of the vortex discussed in part one http://www.mattbelair.com/burningman1/ is the witnessing of transformations all over the playa. It is extremely common for people to have deep healings of past trauma, crying, a deeper connection to source or spirit, awakenings or satori, spiritual experiences and an evaluation of ones life. We begin to realize and understand the truth that we are all one and mask after mask, layer after layer falls away as we are open to experience and witness our true selves. Participants have the option to go to countless workshops on self-development, yoga, meditation, consciousness, and more. Not to mention the powerful healers who work tirelessly to give healings all day. These are the places I call home at Burning Man; Shaman Dome, Sacred Spaces, Red Lightning, Camp Contact, Honeysuckle Hood, Anahasana Village and many more. These places dedicate their time, love, energy, and healing all week and is a huge part of what makes Burning Man so special.

Understanding Burning Man Phenomena and Expressions

Have you ever considered that you create your reality? Have you ever considered you have the ability to create any reality you want? Have you ever considered that you are infinitely powerful? Any Burner you meet will talk about and fully embrace the concept of ‘Playa Magic’ but what is playa magic? The short version is:

Playa Magic = The Law of Attraction

You will find countless stories of Burners who will SWEAR that playa magic is real . .  . because it is! Whether it was the time that you were hungry and a hot dog vendor appeared out of nowhere or you needed some comfort and a cuddle puddle and kind soul offered a hug, or you were thinking, ‘man I need a ride and some great music’ and a few minutes later the perfect art car rolls by and you jump in! It is the human condition and limited perception that consistently brushes this off as coincidence. However, another powerful by-product of the BMV (burning man vortex) is that these lessons run deep, you cannot continue to look away from the majesty and intelligence of the universe and brush it off as coincidence. The playa provides! Since I am a Law of Attraction coach, taught by the great Michael J. Losier, and have studied countless metaphysical fields, the laws of the universe are easy to witness on the Playa. The reality is that participants are sending a request into the universe for what they need BUT because the playa vibrates at a much higher frequency your request comes at a faster rate. That coupled with the fact that your doubt (the thing that prevents your desires) is very low causes you to be much more open to receive. This is exactly how the law of attraction works in the default world except there is a longer delay and more faith is required. With the longer delay we have much more time to sabotage our desires with our doubts, unconscious and observed signals being sent out by our minds, bodies and hearts at every second. The law of attraction has one job and one job only and that is to match vibration. Most of us are good at asking but very few are good at receiving. For example how often are you present? How often do you sit in silence? How much mental energy is wasted on stress, going places, fear, anxiety? How much of your mental power is focused on presence, wonder, excitement, gratitude, joy, curiosity? This is a deep lesson with a simple answer; focus your thoughts, feelings, and actions toward that which feels good to YOU and so it shall BE. Obviously the universe is going to throw you curve balls – you were never in control in the first place.

Zen Lessons

If offered the chance would you jump at the opportunity to learn from one of greatest Zen masters of all time? The universe is the greatest teacher of all and we have been conditioned to ignore its constant communication with us. The incredibly powerful art is also a massive healer on the playa that most people miss. It is also another big piece of the healing energy. Participants are getting deep timeless Zen and spiritual teachings without even knowing it. One of the biggest lessons is on impermanence. In some Zen or Buddhism sects they will spend weeks creating elaborate and extraordinary art only to allow it be complete for 24 hours before racking their art and starting again. This is to demonstrate impermanence and offer a deep lesson in attachment.

I witnessed as some people broke down with the burning of the Lotus temple. The fact that it was a lotus alone has huge meaning. The lotus is a very sacred symbol in Zen teachings and is often referred to in order to teach about the layers of the mind and unfolding of the self to ones true nature. Not only did the artist build a breathtaking sculpture with deep spiritual roots, about 15,000 of us watched it burn to the ground. The amount of hours, love, and commitment to build such a structure must have been extraordinary, nonetheless all the time and effort gone in a matter of minutes. We all learned a deep lesson on impermanence. These lessons are burrowing deep into the participants subconscious without them being aware of it. Think of it this way, if a child is learning that an element is hot and slightly burns their hand by touching it they will probably learn that lesson. However if the element is on high and the child touches it and suffers severe burns they’ll learn the lesson even deeper and have even more respect for the power it produces. The same applies for spiritual teachings and the reason why in Zen they often refer to layers or levels of understanding. The spiritual symbol of the lotus, coupled with the magnitude and beauty of the piece of art allowed for a deep lesson in impermanence.

The flower of life is the most sacred symbol in the universe. It is the pattern in which all life is created and is another example of how the art and environment is affecting everyone at Burning Man. The flower of life is all over the world and has been around for centuries including being etched into the main pillar of the temple of Osiris in Egypt. Here is a brief summary from an ancient civilizations website;


“The temple was a subterranean complex dedicated to Osiris, the god of the Afterlife, symbolizing death and regeneration. The northern wall of the Seti Temple was decorated with scenes from the ‘Book of Gates’. The afterlife and resurrection. The once-underground chambers are the most ancient of all the ancient Egyptian ruins. The Flower of Life symbol is carved with laser-like accuracy on huge granite blocks in the temple walls and we are not able to replicate this today.”

 Usually it is drawn in two dimensions and this year Swiss engineers fabricated a brilliant and mathematically perfect reconstruction of a 3D version of the flower of life, or as most people referred to it as, “are you talking about the ball?” The flower of life is a mathematical masterpiece and the foundation of all Sacred Geometry. Not only was the ball amazing in 3D they were able to use a light show to create and express the infinite dimensions of the pattern with a light show, which broke down the flower of life into more and more dimensions vividly showing the power, magic, beauty and awe of the pattern. Most people missed the significance. Nevertheless, this timeless knowledge was affecting them.

Enlightenment Is Nothing Special

In a few moments time you’ll know what enlightenment is. After that you’ll be disappointed. There is an old Zen saying that goes, “Enlightenment is nothing special.” And another that says, “Before enlightenment chop wood carry water, after enlightenment chop wood carry water.” I can recall reading books on enlightenment and Zen teachings at the age of 16 and looking at it like static on a television. Why all these riddles? What the hell are you saying? I have experienced and understood enlightenment deeply through mediation and for prolonged periods in Ayahuasca ceremonies. It is something that is so painfully simple it hurts. Enlightenment is the simple realization that YOU are the creator. The world is not happening to YOU, YOU are happening to IT. Unsatisfied? I thought so but spend time chewing on that nugget and I promise you’ll grow, YOU ARE THE CREATOR! In order to wake up you must want to, you must earnestly seek. I had the honour and privilege to witness my first Satori ever on the playa with a beautiful soul. As we conversed about the meaning of life and the universe, all of a sudden I witnessed him have a deep moment of clarity, a powerful insight! We both began to laugh hysterically because we both knew what had happened. Over the coming days we spoke again and he confirmed he had woken up, things were different and it’s nothing special. With awakening you must still walk the human path, still confused, still searching except you have a deep knowing that no one can take away from you unless you let them. You are the creator. You are infinitely powerful. The world is not happening to you, you are happening to it. When you master your mind you can master your reality and state of being! Enlightenment is not a change into something better or more it is the realization of who you already ARE. Enlightenment is the process of letting go of everything that you think you are, that drives you mindlessly so you can act from your true nature and be FREE as you were intended.

“Do not follow the ideas of others, but learn to listen to the voice within yourself”

Zen Master Dogen

Re-entry: A Transition From Love to Fear

When you arrive at Burning Man they say welcome home. You quickly feel the love and acceptance from everyone. You witness genuine kindness, receive a thick book of workshops from spirituality, sexuality, art and everything in between. You are free to express who you truly ARE. After an experience of what I see as a 7 day Ayahuasca ceremony you must leave the Playa and re-enter the ‘default’ world. There is genuine concern from almost all participants because for most the default world is painful, dark, stressful, and makes no darn sense. A society where you’re taught to fear and protect yourself. You are literally stepping down in vibrational frequency from LOVE into FEAR, and it’s a real challenge.

Although I am blessed in the default world the transition is a strong challenge. I am able to raise my energy to astronomical heights on the playa on command and the feeling of joy, acceptance, love and my connection to spirit lessened because I do not have the BMV to tap into. Hence my communication and connection with source is greatly heightened and it’s a long way down back into the 3rd density. It is our job as humans, Burners, and people of this planet to carry and hold the light. To lead by example and as Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” That no matter what happens externally you will choose to show LOVE. Life is not perfect and when you learn to master your perspective, mind, and emotions, your reality will transform. Change always starts from within. Learn to master your mind and body, become an alchemist, and find peace and harmony within. Do not depend on the external to bring you happiness, rather radiate peace and joy and harmony within and like a ball of ferocious light let it be seen; in a smile, in forgiveness, in compassion. Trust the creator/universe/spirit/nature to bring you what you need. Ask for awakening, learning, growth, kindness and compassion. This is what a soul needs; don’t be fooled by false gold. Find infinity within.

There is only one choice that you need to make now and from every moment forward. There is no trying. You are going to choose between the two most powerful frequencies in the universe, which are FEAR and LOVE. They are polar opposites and also the most powerful. Society does everything in its power to force fear down your throat. Pay attention to where you look because you will always find what you are looking for. If we as individuals can begin to choose love for ourselves and love for our fellow man we can shift this planet. Burning Man is an example of what is possible. This world will never be perfect, however if you can find harmony within yourself, you will find harmony in your environment and that love will radiate from you and affect others. Einstein believed this so it must be true! Keep it simple, follow your heart, connect with yourself deeply and try not be an a-hole 😉

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All my love!



37 comments on “What Is Right With Burning Man? Part 2: A Shaman’s Perspective

  1. Another thought on who is now at the NV burn…

    I am sure there are people who believe in this Pollyanna post to some extent, like me, as a goal if not a reality. And 10 years ago there might have been 30,000 burners who agreed. Now, if you are lucky, those 30,000 are still there (though with the ticketing gauntlet it is less likely). The problem is the other 40,000 who are there for other reasons, including taking advantage of the 30,000, if only as CCamp spectators. Used to be that 98% of the people you ran into in BRC were participating burners; now, they are less than half, and it does not make for the same environment.

    In fact, it is easier to find smaller events, local burns and such, where you don’t have to wade through the default-worlders to find a burner, where you can again find that most people are looking to find more in each other and in themselves.

    • Your numbers in regards of the number of Burners on the playa, at present, is much too big. In due of the radical inclusion of spectators, of 35 per cent to 40 per cent newbies each burn, in due of the ticketing gauntlet Burners whom desire to contribute, and whom are part of the Burner community, and whom are part of Burner culture, must do to gain a ticket, it is a much smaller number of participating Burners on the playa.

      The 2014 Census Results, prior of the BMOrg changing adjusting the numbers. The BMOrg did a good thing by 20,000 directed sale tickets within 2015, but, might they have done 30,000 directed sale tickets beginning within 2012, purposed to build the Burner community by permitting the Burner community to select Burners to gain tickets to participate, in the place of Larry desiring to replace the Burner community by desiring to sell near to all tickets in a random manner, the event might be less of a festival, and more of a community.

  2. Did you hear on the radio today that prices may go up $35 to cover the entertainment tax?

    On Thursday, December 31, 2015, Burners.Me: Me, Burners and The Man wrote:

    > burnersxxx posted: “Part II of a guest post by Ayahuasca. Happy New Year, > Burners! What’s Right With Burning Man Part 2: A Shaman’s Perspective by > Ayahuasca Burning Man begins with one of the founders using the power of > the sun shining through “

    • That’s so Marion can have a live band perform at her camp. Are you going to deny that to her? Just be sure you are paid minimum wage as the entertainment. I presume that should come from the CCamps, but you need to check with the Borg on how they are going to deal with that.

  3. “Pollyanna” : a person characterized by irrepressible optimism and a tendency to find good in everything.

    I see a lot of this on the Playa, especially when the prevalence of drug usage tends to distort their perception of reality. Confirmation bias then blocks out anything that doesn’t match up to what they so desperately want to believe. One cannot simply ignore the injustices which occur on the Playa because one doesn’t want to “create” it with intention or believe that it doesn’t happen.

    Was it Burner Love being expressed when I witnessed a guy choking out his girlfriend at another camp next to ours in 2011 while their camp mates tried to pull him off of her? Was it Burner Love that inspired some Burner to steal a vehicle and crash ( and flip it ) into other cars at this past year’s Burn? Is it Burner Love when friend’s bicycles, coats, backpacks were stolen on the Playa? It is Burner Love that has caused so many Burner’s to betray their partners, friends and campmates in the name of practicing their own “poly love”?

    Of course not. It was just plain old human selfishness, greed and many other emotions that humans express through their negative behavior. Seems like this is an unintended hedonistic side-affect of so much radical self-this and self-that in Burner ethos and not enough concern about others. Practicing the act of Love also requires one to actually give a fuck about another and not just the pursuit of one’s own self-interests. The Burner Love is on the Playa too but so is all of the other negative qualities of human existence; in fact you can’t have the yin-yang balance of life without having both. And both are also just as readily available in the “default world” if you look for it.

    The Burner community is just another example of a human inspired religion that has its own set of beliefs, practices and thinking that their way is superior over the belief systems of others that are not of their believes. Love and compassion may be the common denominator for almost all religions and the path to seeing others in a more positive light, but not at the expense of ignoring and addressing the negative aspects of human behavior as well.

    • Excellent observations. I would add that unthinking dogma (“faith”) is a foundation of any religion, and lets the faithful ignore oceans of facts that don’t fit.

      In general, we are seeing the NV burn as an expression of the Borg’s dysfunctionality as they exert more and more control over the event, down to choosing who comes and who does not.

      (The NV burn that I might go to is largely in another reality. What is there now is not the Burning Man that I knew 10 years ago. We could hardly plan on doing our theme camp because the odds of us all getting tickets is an unreasonable long shot. Only the larger groups that suck up to the Borg can plan on having the people they need. In a nutshell, that’s it. It is a static calcified event where the only change is how much capital can buy. Money displaced small radical creative expressions a long time ago. And that is what I enjoyed the most about going there, and what I now find elsewhere.)

  4. The Playa **doesn’t** always provide. Sometimes cool things happen. Sometimes shitty things happen, including people refusing to help others even if a person is in bad physical or dangerous conditions (such as denying a lift to a dehydrated person midday deep Playa).That happened to a friend, repeatedly denied lifts when he ran out of water in midday nowhere, laughed at for his circumstances. There is no always. That kind of magical thinking and expectation can lead to some people showing up woefully unprepared, expecting Playa magic to shelter and feed them… (Different from even prepared folks having bad things happen and needing help.)

    This magical thinking also reminds me of some people who believe that bad things or good things happen depending on what they invite in energy wise. I know a guy who told me I was assaulted because I projected negativity, and I was told to be more positive. No, there are violent creeps in the world.

    The world is more complicated than this, and burning man is an earthly event, despite what some people think. So, stop telling people that the Playa always provides. Some damn cool stuff can happen. But also the opposite. And remember that you are in the middle of nowhere with 70K + people.

    • So many myths in this article.
      You don’t feel love and kindness from “everyone”. And you should not be that open to strangers if you are a woman in a vulnerable environment, which burning man can be. And humans are not loving to everyone all the time. People can be drunk jerks,tired jerks, regular jerks, dangerous jerks, at different times.
      And people are not*** always welcoming of everyone all the time.
      The generalizations about burning man are ridiculous. And yes, I’ve been multiple times. You are in a city with lots of people!

      • The gate is *not* a magic portal. Burning man is very filled with real human beings, in all their moods and with all their issues. Not a magical opposite world of “love” and all-loving beings. It can be for some, but not for all. And not either all the time.
        The generalizations above can be dangerous to newcomers who expect magical goodness all the time from everyone.

      • You sound fun at parties. Do you wander around the burn with your tamper-proof cup to show everyone how prepared you are to defend against rape culture (every guy around you)?

          • In regards of ‘How much money does she have to spew on the Borg to be included?‘, might you have viewed the awesome photo of Black Rock City of 2015? The K street commodification camps, from 7, to 9, are most impressive. An awesome game might be to spot the commodification camps within Black Rock City.

          • I had suggested that someone follow the golf carts from the BRC airport to the CCamps when flights would land, since I am sure some have gotten wise and try to keep a low profile. Flying in is the tip-off, since there is no scenario where you can be radically self-reliant with 1 or 2 suitcases. Flying in is prima-facia not following the Tin Principles.

          • The Borg support for the commodification camps is most impressive. The Burning Man 2015 photo shows the camps are placed near to the service entrance, at 7, purposed for their RVs to be delivered, and toilets to be cleaned, in addendum of the other services they desire, and other commodification camps are placed near to the airport purposed for their clients. The BMorg is doing changes in regards of the airplanes, desiring a company with a 30 seat airplane for the commodification campers. It must have been most difficult for their clients to wait, at Reno airport, in due of wind, dust storms, and the playa to dry the prior two years, and, perchance, dangerous in regards of airplanes desiring to land, for their clients, in due of these difficulties.

        • Thanks for proving my point that not all burners welcome everyone or treat everyone with kindness, despite the author’s claims. But it’s much more fun believing in the myth of magical love, huh? People like you tend to lash out when anyone says different. People do treat others like Shit there, just like the rest of the world. People get sick and ditched by friends and strangers to fend for themselves, assaulted, sexually assaulted (and dumped deep Playa like trash), etc. I can see how *you* would behave out there.

          • My last comment was obviously addressed to Maddy. Touchy a**holes don’t scare me, Maddy. But gee, I sure hope nothing bad ever happens to out there. God forbid you find out for yourself just how shitty people can be, even at burning man, the mythical land of perfect love and kindness.

          • With such folks like y’all standing up as pillars of the community; ambassadors of niceness… I’d rather hang out with the rapists and assholes who’d piss on your head and leave you for dead. At least you know where you stand with those types.

          • >Thanks for confirming my observations!

            Ah yes, the old ‘who’s naughty and who’s nice?’ routine. Burners excel at that game because that’s really what it’s all about when you break it down. Thousands of little demented Santas making their lists as they arbitrate over correct behavior. Who gets to come to the party?

          • Not to worry though, maddy, because the Borg seems to reject the old Burning Man culture and embrace “the rapists and assholes who’d piss on your head and leave you for dead.” I am sure you and your cohorts will be there. Oh, and please be sure you don’t have any drugs or serve any underage people, but feel free to grab all the bikes you want. A little theft is nothing if you are good with rape, public urination, and abandoning people in need – particularly if you put them in that situation. Hell, you guys should post some pictures of your “conquests.”

        • Let me give you a hint, maddy, when you say “…defend against rape culture (every guy around you)…” you are either: a) being truly pointlessly argumentative; b) are a rape-culture kinda guy that women have to be weary of; or, c) you are a woman who is co-dependent with a rape-culture kinda guy. I say this because: a) I am a guy; and, b) the thought of rape is ultimately unappealing, as proved by the many opportunities I have had over the years. Yeah, I don’t turn on the girls seeking a physically dangerous guy, but then again, that’s not a bad thing. I have had several women who have sought out to be my playa sexual partner over the years, and am happy with my experiences.

        • Maddy, interesting how by your confrontational rhetoric you want to EXclude Gradschoolinsomniac because you want to put pressure on her to be more like women who are more easy prey, because that is the world you live in, either as the abuser or the abused, Either way, it is to make you feel better about yourself and the world you have chosen, rather than understanding that people are all different and have that right to be different, so long as they do not physically harm or limit others.

          Maddy, out of curiosity, can you tell us what years you went to the NV burn?

  5. Well, the writer here, Ayahuasca has presented a nicely done presentation on enlightenment via mostly Eastern ways, but as far as the event and phenomena of Burning Man goes, not all attendees focus on, believe in, or even perceive the potentials of what he’s talking about. Ayahuasca goes a little too far in claiming that all 70,000 attendees on the same plane as him.
    I find one of the most compelling aspects of going to the Burn is the depth of diversity of other realities that are in development. My experience is one of continually letting go of my preconceptions of people, their behavior, and motivations. Many of those folks I meet that cause me to readjust my preformed set of expectations and are not aware of the theme of enlightenment as we know it in this post.
    Indeed, many folks I run into at the Burn are blatant hedonists. And what of the charming culture of DPW folks? There is a truth there strong and relevant to the entire existence of the Burn.
    So, while I too may regard myself as a lifelong seeker, and relate to every aspect of this post, I would find it way too boring and sterile if everyone at the Burn acted in a way as Ayahuasca suggests.
    Bring on the Death Guild and all the neighborhood saloons to help balance out those who consider themselves awake.

    • All depends on how you look at Death Guild (https://vid.me/YSAc), but creative diversity is the point.

      You can question if the BRC setting makes it easier to explore these Eastern beliefs, but being better would presumably be because BRC does not present the challenges of the default world. That is changing as the Borg defaultifies the NV burn.

      What I am waiting for is the Borg city planning to begin to reflect the conflict between their defaultification and the reason many come to the event. Since restricting the commercial interests to certain areas would not be Radical Inclusion, I can see them offering Radical Exclusion by having ghettos, …er, districts, where “non-defaultified” burners who choose to can be with their own kind.

  6. Haven’t been here for a while. For the most part I think the event has lost all meaning as an alternative to a rapacious and materialistic society. It appears the leadership of the event and too many of the current crop of attendees see no deeper meaning than money and party.

    Guess there must not be much to post so instead meaningless pie-in-the-sky fluff pieces like this maybe all that is available. Everything is good, don’t worry be happy, maybe the billionaire attendees will toss a few shekels your way…

      • The top 10 list is of how to get tickets, how to get laid, and what DJ might play, in addendum of how might Burning Man suck, how might a person die at Burning Man, and how might a person go to Burning Man without an RV. What is missing, from the list, is how might a person participate, and how might a person contribute towards the burn, and towards the Burner community. People desire to pay the near to $500 for a ticket, and vehicle pass, and party for a week at an awesome festive, and being of the belief of their near to $500 pays for the party, the art, the mutant vehicles, and the entertainment, and the labours of DPW, Gate, and others, and not being of the realization of little of the $500 is purposed in these manners.

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