Shadow History of Burners Part 5a: Burning With The Man

It has been almost 5 months since I released Part 4: Occult Rituals of the Cult.

Part 5 is a monster, so we have split it into two sections. Part 5b is in editing now. In Part 5a, we continue our investigation into the “When? Where? What? Who?” of Burning Man, which is necessary before we discuss the “How” and “Why” of this Project. For those with the patience to consider it all, there are some amazing revelations in here. Burning Man is not just a rave in the desert…

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20 comments on “Shadow History of Burners Part 5a: Burning With The Man

  1. >Burning Man is not just a rave in the desert…

    That’s very true. IMO, it’s more like a systematic exploitation of the creative energy of not just the Bay Area, but beyond and even going global. That energy also includes time and money of many people who really can’t afford it for what they get in return; what they’re sold in promises of status and inclusion in some kind of ‘movement’.

    It’s a drug and I’ve been involved in it, and I’ve seen people crushed by it – tossed out without explanation after years of devotion.

    Personally, I’ve been responsible for bringing far too many people into the fold while I was on the Kool Aid – people who would have been better off IMO never getting involved.

    My advice, if you really feel the urge to go, then go. But treat it like a party and have fun. And DO NOT get involved with the Org or large scale camps.

    • Was watching the A&E series about Scientology and was amazed at the many parallels with the Borg, particularly pressing for felony charges on minor “acts against them.” Sick abusive bastards.

  2. Have you put much thought into the alien thing? It absolutely seems that several themes recently have pointed to an alien connection with Burning Man. In point of fact it could be both. “Satanist” aliens who have brought their “religion” to earth and are promoting it through the festival. Is it possible “Fly” ranch was acquired as a remote landing sight. The area is very similar to where many sightings have been reported.

    • From what I have seen, he hasn’t gone into it much. However, there is an extensive overlap between New Agers, Burning Man, the Mil/Intel elite, and the psyop to convince Americans that “aliens are real”. It is no coincidence that so many of these sightings happen near places like Area 51 where cutting edge vehicles are tested… “Ma, I was out by the Air Force’s super-secret skunkworks where they test advanced planes and drones… and I SAW A UFO!!!!”

  3. While I was listening to the this episode another thing came to mind…

    We have the The City of London or The Square Mile.

    At burning man we have the a circular mile at the center.

    Are they squaring the circle? The Square and The Compass are the tools of Masonry used to do this.

    Be well!

  4. They ended the mass human sacrifice that was WWI on 11/11 at the 11th hour in France 1918!

    Interesting they chose the same date for the Catharsis event.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  5. I didn’t know Brand was the cameraman at the mother of all demos. Man, that guy is really something else. Most prescient and connected dude ever. Real life Zelig.

  6. “First week of school after holidays: kids who attend are truants; hard for college kids”

    Up until the early 90s, school didn’t start until after Labor Day. As a parent, boy do I wish they’d return to that. At any rate, it’s a 3-day weekend, OF COURSE lots of events happen during those dates.

  7. I haven’t watched the video, but I perused the slides. This one both cracked me up and resonated with me because it’s something I noticed too awhile ago:

    Why do the 3 oldest Founders call it “burning Man” not “Burning man”?

    I’m going to speculate that you have suggest a sinister motive for this. My explanation of it is simply and purely linguistic. Before Burning Man became a thing, there was no linguistic precedent for accenting the first word in the phrase “burning man.” It would logically be pronounced “burning MAN” because the phrase would be describing an action, the burning of the wooden man figure. The event itself wasn’t yet an entity. As it became one, written references to it were capitalized and the pronunciation organically became “BURNING Man” to describe not the action of the burn, but the event itself. The people, and not just the 3 founders, who have been attending BM since the beginning still pronounce it the old way for the same reason that people hold on to their accents and dialects.

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