Rx Only PICTURESHOW with S.B., Jem and Tracy Twyman

Today I went on the Rx Only PICTURESHOW talking about what’s really going on behind the news of Leaving Neverland and Surviving R.Kelly. I’m in the first 90 minutes of the show.

With @universalagent @sewneo and @jem . Shout out to @dazalttheory for hooking this up, congratulations on Liverpool beating Bayern Munich in the Champions League!

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4 comments on “Rx Only PICTURESHOW with S.B., Jem and Tracy Twyman

  1. From: “S.B. Alger (via Google Docs)” Sent: 1/3/2019 9:55:56 AM


    I’m getting this vision for a piece of artwork :Trump and the anchor babies.

    President Trump as Caesar the pirate with his swashbuckling scimitar wielded and directed towards the chains of so many Mexican babies coming like a side-scrolling video game from the vagina of the virgin Guadalupe.

    It needs to be claymation or animation or at least a gif.

    Perhaps a little queer Mexican (looking like a nineteen-year-old Speedy Gonzales) Zooms in and bounce up and down impregnating the virgin Guadalupe and then he zooms away just as fast [maybe with a bag of dope and a bubble in his hand ?]

    The belly swells up the Mexican baby shoots out either male or female it has a heavy length of chain attached to it and the baby itself is shaped like an anchor.

    [T]he baby Jets over the side of the ship they are standing on and sinks into the coral reef of American corporate sigils and logos. It rests there it’s arms and legs sticking out to hook on to the reef of corporate logos and attempt to secure and anchor the boat!

    Trump screams in Latin you have to go back! And swashbuckles the chain in Twain. The chain sinks and bonks the babies on the head and builds up the pollution in the reef causing rust and crunching Big Mac boxes and breaking Staples plastic displays. Shell gasoline sign is tall on its poll, and still it somehow shines.

    This whole scene repeats indefinitely with the babies alternating male male female female female female male male male female female female female male. Trump whacking away at the chains and the reef building up beneath him like a disgusting game of Mexican anchor baby corporate logo Tetris.

    The boat is moving like a side Scroll video game but not really going anywhere.

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