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Out of the Gate Interview

Shell has not taken down her Facebook page. Instead, she seems to be doubling down on the crazy. “This smells like a big Narcissist turd” is not something most people would say about their recently suicided adopted son. “A life sentence being held hostage by a crazy situation” from someone who admits to having been up for Satanic sacrifice twice before and somehow getting out of it both times. Why aren’t the police and FBI all over this lady?

The story has changed again, now with harm to an animal, 4 holes in the walls not 3, Isaac taking the sheets and towels (and then they somehow returned). Witchcraft doesn’t get a mention this time but murder, torture, and covert missions sure do.

For a lady who was so prominently wearing a Christian cross in her Periscope video, what “Spirit” is she praying to? If it is the Lord Jesus Christ why not say that?

Why is she “gone working” from her home at 3am? Does this relate to Flower Gerrrl’s statement that she didn’t want to snitch on her neighbor, in relation to the Black BMW being parked there around 9pm Friday night.

Posting images of dogs as coded messages (Steganography) was brought up in my interview with Out of the Gate

The McCain’s dog died stuck in a pipe, Spirit Lady seems to have a similar type of dog and also just posted about dogs and hair in pipes.

“Fishing a wad of curly brown hair covered in grease out of a wicked turn in the pipes”

I’m not sure exactly where the McCain’s Sedona estate is but this is absolutely the territory where Kappy allegedly died.

Her photos to give grieving people a sign that all is well and an Angel has visited are bizarre. I believe Kappy was an Arsenal supporter – he died next to a literal arsenal.

The view from the backyard meditation chair is a prison-like fence.

The staged elements of her photos seem to be: a feather with a crystal ball; a big shovel; a white ball (like Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway)

If she has staged the picture to show us the view from the meditation chair, why not sit in the chair and take a photo of what you see? What view is she really highlighting?

Phoenix Enigma who “used to own gas stations” has an interview with two unnamed people who worked at the Pilot truck stop.

From this story, it sounds like the guy who jumped was a homeless guy that was living out the back of the truck stop for several weeks prior with one or two dogs and another homeless couple.

He would sit with his sign on a spot by the overpass on-ramp, heading Westbound towards Williams, AZ.

The guy who they think was the jumper spoke to the lady 3-4 days before it happened. His hair was not afro-like but frizzy and out like it hadn’t been washed. He was living behind the truck stop with two dogs and collecting money from people around the gas station.

Did they use an “expendable” homeless guy to make it look like Isaac Kappy died? Perhaps that explains the cardboard – his sign. It sounds like the body was ID’d by the drivers license and the car registration.

The police were all done on the scene by 11am – this is information is from the Arizona Department of Public Safety police report. It is not confirmed by EMS traffic or eyewitness accounts. I note that the main eyewitness who said nothing was going on at 9:30am was the Phoenix Enigma himself. He does not challenge this witness on having observed something completely different from him.

I note that this is now the second “witness” that Phoenix Enigma has produced without identification who has now “gone dark”. He has also sat on this interview for a week before releasing it – why? His credibility as a researcher would be greatly enhanced if he was able to produce ANY verifiable facts from all his man-on-the-scene interviews. Without that, he seems to be adding to the enigma, not solving it.

For example, Phoenix Enigma says he has been in direct contact with the Arizona Department of Public Safety and they have this put down as a “vehicular incident” – not even a suicide. This conflicts with the EMS traffic ruling it as a 963, suicide involving a vehicle. Why go to all that trouble and not share a copy of the police report?

[Update May 29 2019 3:18pm]

Thanks to Anne for finding these comments from the son of Christmas Lady, immediately after Kappy’s death was announced:

“threw himself off of a bridge”…an interesting take on it, one I haven’t seen anywhere else.

On today’s Lift the Veil show he showed evidence that Defango was the one who introduced Eliahi Priest to Isaac Kappy. Lestat provided information about TS to An Open Secret, who have been attacking Thomas, Titus Frost and myself on Twitter. Gabe Hoffman, the hedge fund executive behind An Open Secret, has a home in Palm Beach, Florida not far from Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion. Hoffman is notorious for crying “anti-Semitism” to make people lose their channels.

Full episode:

Some images have emerged from Kappy’s mysteriously missing final Instagram live video. It appears to support the claim that he was not driving the car.

More images of Eliahi have also surfaced, showing connections into the Illuminati and Hollywood.

Eliahi Priest indicating that he is a Freemason
Eliahi Priest making an Illuminati hand sign with Sean Stone, the first person to interview Michael Aquino since Oprah and Geraldo in the “Satanic Panic” of the 80’s
Sean Stone’s interview with Michael Aquino. In the comments to it Dr Aquino answers my question and admits that he was in the CIA as well as the military, and was involved with psyops in Hollywood including the original Battlestar Galactica TV show.

[Update May 30 2019 8:28pm]

Thanks to @MindFuror for reminding me of Isaac Kappy’s original posts on the chans as HONEYCOMB. He talks about being followed and being checked into a mental health facility – “now I can say I spent the night in an insane asylum”. He says that former CIA Director John Brennan, currently up to his neck in the #SpyGate scandal, was aware of Kappy.

Ten days later Kappy was being called “QAnon’s Latest Hero” by the Daily Beast.

A couple of the original 4chan threads about Kappy:

Shortly before Kappy went public with his allegations, there was a “Hollywood Anon” on the chans spilling the beans. This reminds me of how there was an “FBI Anon” a few months before the “QAnon” psyop was launched.

Honey that Combs = Honey Pot?

In another curious twist to this story, Macaulay Culkin is Paris Jackson’s godfather.

Kappy posted this DM to 4chan

Tyler Shields who spoke to John Brennan about Isaac Kappy is the photographer who took the famous picture of Kathy Griffin holding a severed replica of President Trump’s head. Shields has been accused of being a pedophile and was named by Isaac Kappy.

Big thread on Marilyn Mason:

Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp share matching pedophile tattoos, along with West Memphis Three Satanist Damien Echols and Lord of the Rings Director Peter Jackson. Manson said he wants to make a Tinder for “sexy children” called Kinder. Manson made an album called Pedophile’s Dream. Tyler Shields worked with Marilyn Manson on another album called “SAY10” (Satan).

This symbol appears in the FBI’s Pedophile List
Kathy Griffin and Tyler Shields

What was Isaac Kappy doing palling around with a Satanist and a CIA-connected photographer?

Shields’ work is disturbing, and frequently features children in “adult” poses and situations.

The fourth person in the photo with Kappy, Chris Hardwick, is the host of “The Talking Dead”, a show that comes on after The Walking Dead to discuss the latest episode with cast members. In June 2018, a month before Kappy went public, Hardwick was involved in his own #MeToo scandal, with his ex-girlfriend claiming to have been nearly “driven to suicide”.

Chris Hardwick and Chloe Dykstra. Without naming him directly, she accused him of “long-term abuse, sexual assault and career blacklisting” in a Medium post

Thanks to @Sir_Bintercomb for the research assistance.

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  2. Reportedly by his own Twitter page changed from @Robert_qsentme to @socialmediaisthedevil and went private, but someone on his Twitter page is reporting Robert the Deplorable attempted suicide and is on life support. My hunch is that Robert, who was trash talking Kappy the day before and day of his death, decided to get clicks and views by using Kappy’s name. He sensationalized everything, started making murder accusations and live streamed illegally wire tapped phone calls. I think he is faking his own death to avoid prosecution. He faked being an SRA survivor on Lift the Veil to scam people for money. It was taken down from YouTube but is still on soundcloud on LTVs channel dated August 13, 2018.

  3. Thank you. I immersed myself with Kappy and his death that I kept a migraine and couldn’t think of anything else. I had to shut myself down and choose how I got my information. I chose here. Thank you for keeping me updated with what you find important. Keep up the good work.

  4. Steve, thank you for documenting all this.

    Another thing I noticed was Michelle said her son was upset over Isaac passing. It was in response to someone’s recent comment on her FB page: “My Son however is very sad about losing our friend…we all lived together and we are really sad we lost our friend…sadder we couldn’t help him…we really tried”.
    Screenshot- (hope it works).

    But the son’s been trashing Isaac on his twitter. Screenshot: Sounds like he hated him.

  5. More shady stuff from Phoenix Enigma. I don’t trust him. Phoenix is another bird tied to the cabal. TY for the updates, Steve.

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