CryptoBeast #21 – Tracy Twyman, Kappy, Epstein and LARP Wars with Lift The Veil [UPDATES]

Researcher Tracy Twyman recently passed away suddenly. Not long before she died she sent me a “Dead Mans Switch” video with information about people who had been sending her death threats.

I went on Lift the Veil’s show on dLive and Twitch to talk about Tracy, Isaac Kappy, Jeffrey Epstein, A.I. and the occult. We also covered some of the LARP Wars currently underway on YouTube.

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[Update July 16, 2:21pm]

Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats has asked me to clarify that the user GenXGemini who posted on his forums about performing magickal OWLS rituals on Tracy is Jamie and not his best friend Kyle.

Tracy named Kyle in her video as one of the people threatening her. She said Kyle called her, laughed maniacally and told her she was Mercury and had to be tortured and that she needed to kill herself. I have no reason to doubt that this call from Kyle to Tracy happened as she described, as I believe Tracy was very serious in this video.

At 13:15 in Tracy’s video she says she thought GenXGemini may be Kyle, or friends with Kyle, because he had information about her she thought only Kyle would have known.

I said around the 40 minute mark of my interview with Nathan that “I believe” GenXGemini on the THC forums was Kyle. It turns out my belief was incorrect, according to Greg who knows Kyle but claims he does not know Jamie at all.

Note this post is a year to the day before Kappy’s death

Greg has given me permission to publish my communications with him. I don’t know this guy or how implicated he or his best friend are in any of these events, but as you can see from the above screenshots it is a fact that his web site was used to do spells on Tracy and publish threats against her. Greg seems to be trying to shift the blame towards me rather than wanting to get to the bottom of Tracy’s death. Make of that what you will.

He says “his fucking picture and signature are right there”, but it is a blank avatar. Clicking it does not reveal the information Greg claims it does.

I note that out of about 40,000 views on Tracy’s video and 13,000 on Greg’s, and a combined total of about 600 comments, Greg is the only one upset that I published Tracy’s video – and even he claims just that I released it “too soon”.

Here’s the Elon Musk quote I referred to:

[Update July 17 2019 8:00am]

I believe this is Tracy’s last public statement, she called into the RX Only Picture Show on July 1. She sounds like she is going through a very difficult time, she even says “hope it ends soon”. She gets overwhelming love and support from the chat.

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13 comments on “CryptoBeast #21 – Tracy Twyman, Kappy, Epstein and LARP Wars with Lift The Veil [UPDATES]

  1. Thanks again for being on Tracy’s side in this horrible mess that we still don’t know who killed her. They roam free which tells me this was a hit. She was targeted and warned .
    Miss ya Tracy. We could use your brilliance for sure in 2021!

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  3. Fuck greg damn. Guy is transparebtly out to save his own skin and im not sure even why. Would be better just showing sympathy. Somethings fishy. Also if there is any way to give to Tracys family I would be interested too. Faults aside she seemed a passionate woman and fearless in a sense. Before her death I wondered if she was dark from some the info on her site, that she might be one of those researchers who did some funny stuff behind the scenes. Now it seems like that at some point she did but all it did was make her committed to the light. Hope she finds peace.

  4. Do you really not see how idiotic this is? I knew Tracy when she lived in New Jersey and was trying to get Dagobert’s Revenge going. She had emotional problems then and didn’t help herself with catastrophic choices in men. Boyd Rice???? Brian Albert used her weaknesses in an awful fashion, then snuffed himself. She was deeply unhappy. Now she’s turned into fodder for the kooks. She was desperate for acceptance by anyone, even crazies. Very sad.

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  6. Steve, love your work – thanks for all the digging you and it is much appreciated by the likes of me! So sorry to hear of the passing of Ms.Twyman – RIP – anyway during the lift the veil interview discussing her early demise, you mentioned Elon Musk and his comments about AI – I personally have never trusted Mr. Musk and believe that Miles Mathis (an excellent researcher) has hit the nail on the head with regards to Mr. Musks’ sudden rise into the billionaire club. Anyway make of it what you will but here is the link to the article exposing Elon Musk

    • thanks, I’m a fan of Miles and didn’t know he did one on Elon, I will check it out. Elon and I have a couple of mutual friends, he’s a big time Burner – he launched his first electric car there, the Tesla Roadster.

  7. Wow. Just wow. G.C. Shows no compassion for Tracy
    and the 6 year old little boy left behind. Furthermore, he refers
    To your audience and his own as “rabid,” Whilst allowing death threats
    Against Tracy on his own forum! And he is trying to shut you
    Down the very same way he shut Tracy down when she wanted
    To go on his show to discuss this topic that he wishes he knew the
    details of now and that was over a year ago. Very strange to say the least.

  8. Tracy named Kyle as turning after years of FB friendship and actual phone friend.
    Greg seemed to point the finger at Tracy for his hospitalization and Schizophrenia dx.
    Not cool. Not true.
    He could have been an undiagnosed schizophrenic and likely that’s the case.
    Hes an adult who chose what to research and who to talk to and eventually harrass, threaten.
    That Greg cannot see this and question is so maddening.
    Tracy is dead!!!! Not Kyle!! Questions need to be asked.

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