It Began in Afrika

afrika burn africageographicBurning Man is starting to spread around the world, with Regional burns growing in other States of the US and other countries around the globe. We recently profiled the Aussie Burn, there’s a Kiwi Burn, but for some reason South America and Central America don’t have regionals yet. Anyway, the Deep South (so deep it’s on the other side of the Equator) are well represented with the largest of all the world’s regionals, Afrika Burn.

Here’s some great timelapse footage from this year’s Afrika Burn. Thanks to Burner Young Robert down under in Laguna for finding this one. You’re probably going to want to go full screen and click the HD button:

The movie was produced by @Riordan Allen and shot in gorgeous HD by Rory Allen:

The installations at AfrikaBurn usually have quite a short lifetime and with the huge amount of effort that is put into the planning, fundraising, building and eventual burning of these art pieces, we decided quite early on that this is what we wanted our film to focus on.

Now that looks like a proper Burning Man style party

Now that looks like a proper Burning Man party

Tankwa Town was our home for a total of 8 days as we formed part of The Toy Box campsite. We arrived 3 days prior to the start of the burn and found that not many of the installations were completed at this point. We spent the mornings shooting sunrises over the few installations that were completed and spent the days building geodesic domes, laying down colourful carpets and rigging lights and sound with friends and Toy Box leaders Andrew Wood and Travis Hyde.

We had no schedule as we decided to simply shoot when it felt right to do so. It was Rory’s second burn and my first and in order to experience it properly, we decided to let the festival dictate the schedule to us. Each day saw at least a few hours of shooting, except for the Friday, our only official day off, and over the 5 day festival Rory managed to shoot nearly 50 timelapses.

Unfortunately on the Saturday evening, the night of the main burn, we managed to loose a ziplock bag with 6 cards of footage. The cards contained a mass of footage, including most of the main burns and some day time installations. We spoke to everyone we could at the burn, posted all over social media and while everyone has been super helpful in getting the word out, the cards never managed to find their way back to us. We figure that someone without knowledge of what the cards were thought the bag was moop (matter out of place) and discarded it as rubbish.

While this severely affected our film we decided to put the edit out anyway. If the cards ever do turn up by some miracle, we may consider recutting the film but for now, this is our gift to all burners, especially the ones who built, burned and brought back x

Afrika Burn 2014 is April 28. We’re hoping to get down there next year with the Gooch Apparel crew.

There’s a ton more videos here, some great tunes in the soundtrack.