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The best thing about science is that to the uninitiated, it can look like magic

Nigel Stanford from my home town of Wellington, New Zealand, presents Cymatics. It’s spectacular.

thank you 🙂 it was a lot of work, I’m glad that people like it

His double album is called Solar Echoes.

From Nigel’s blog:

Nigel Stanford

Nigel Stanford

The most unusual part of making Cymatics was the fact that the music was written after the video was filmed.

In 1999 I watched a documentary on ‘Synesthesia‘ – a disorder that effects the audio and visual functions of the brain. People with the disorder hear a sound when they see bright colors, or see a color when they hear various sounds. I don’t have it (I don’t think), but I have always felt that bass frequencies are red, and treble frequencies are white.

This got me thinking that it would be cool to make a music video where every time a sound plays, you see a corresponding visual element. Many years later, I saw some videos about Cymatics – the science of visualizing audio frequencies, and the idea for the video was born.

In 2013, I approached my friend Shahir Daud, a talented film director working in New York, and asked him if he was interested in collaborating on the video with me. I don’t think he really knew what I was talking about, but happily he said yes, and in July 2013 we started researching the experiments and buying bits and pieces online.

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Cinematographer Timur Civan also discusses filming the video here.


Today’s Problems Through Yesterday’s Eyes

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Satirical Illustrations Of Today’s Problems Drawn In The Style Of The 50s

John Holcroft is a well-known British illustrator who has worked for BBC, Reader’s Digest, The Guardian and the Financial Times, among others. However, what makes him famous are not his employers, but the brilliant satire reflected in his illustrations and the retro style he uses to create them.

Every time Holcroft publishes a new drawing, they inevitably go viral and spread all over the Internet. His style is based on advertisements from the 50’s, and he reproduces everything from their visual design style down to their aged vintage feel.
The content of these illustrations, however, is anything but old-fashioned – social issues and modern behavior drawn in a satirical way. The issues he focuses on include our dependence on technology, society’s greed and the devaluation of workers, just to name a few.

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Images by artist John Holcroft

The guy in the polka dots reminded me of BMOrg’s eclectic team of radically included freaks.




The Church Trap

church trap duncan rawlinson

Wedding at Church Trap, 2013. Image: Duncan Rawlinson/Flickr (Creative Commons)


This is a documentary produced, directed, shot and edited by John Senften @ Experience Media about Church Trap, one of the more clever art installations I’ve seen on the Playa.

Church Trap is a large-scale interactive art piece designed by artist Rebekah Waites that made its debut at the 2013 Burning Man festival. Church Trap combines the elements of a decaying church and a box trap. Tipped on its axis, a large wooden pole appears to be the only thing suspending it high up in the air. At the base of the pole is a rope waiting for participants to give it a tug and possibly collapse the church over unsuspecting victims inside.

However, if one dares to venture underneath the seemingly unstable structure, a world of visual and playful delights awaits the participant inside. At the stage the infamous antique pump church organ controlled the LED light installation piece designed by artist Jena Priebe acted as the visual bait that lured participants inside. Even before the Church Trap Crew completed Church Trap at Burning Man, crowd’s gathered and pushed their way inside to enjoy the sights and sounds. A phenomenal hit for Burning Man 2013, Church Trap has enjoyed being a part of numerous news sources as well as a featured piece in the 2014 3D IMAX film “From Sand To Ashes”.

At midnight on the Friday before the close of the festival, Church Trap was burnt to the ground. The Organ and Installation piece saved from a fiery end, they both live on in numerous art exhibits through out california. Most recently you can view and play with the organ at The Spring Arts Tower in Downtown Los Angeles until May of 2014.

Church Trap was more than just an installation art piece at Burning Man, it became a non stop performance piece and a labor of love for all who dared to enter. Even though the participants of Black Rock City did not physically build the piece, their interaction with the organ and pulpit added the finishing touch to the piece. For one week on the playa, Church Trap became the most interactive art piece. A non stop 24/7 roller coaster ride of performances, weddings, speeches, and musical performances.