Black Rock Arts Foundation 2012 Art Grant winners

This list has just been published. All of these are for projects not at Burning Man. Mexico, China, Ukraine, Ecuador and even little ‘ole New Zealand get a few grand swung their way – as well as Bakersfield, Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco on the domestic front.

Transformoney Tree

I am still waiting for a list or announcement of the Art Grant awards to projects on the Playa for Fertility 2.0 – if anyone has a link for this please add it in the comments. They received 349 applications for $5 million of funding, and tweeted last week that the grants had been awarded to 47 lucky winners, and we would find out more soon. So far the only one I know of is the Transformoney Tree.

The Pool features 106 light pads interacting wirelessly

New Bionics in Kiev features stalactites made from recycled paper

Temple for Christchurch