Dear Burning Man…

This video highlights the cultural appropriation issues, showing how some Burners really just don’t give a shit if some First Nations people are deeply offended by their antics.

Read the comments at Facebook…people are pretty upset about this. I’m not sure BMorg can take their usual approach of issuing a statement saying “we’ve listened to all of your concerns and we take them seriously”, then proceeding to do nothing whatsoever.

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Looking For A Certified Freak

Filmed at Burning Man 2013, and starring all kinds of white-face freaks. Just because they’re in a tutu, doesn’t mean she’s a lady people.

clownery troupe sfThis video has been associated with science fiction author religious cult leader L Ron Hubbard’s great-grandson, Jamie DeWolf. Scientology at Burning Man? Cool, if they bring the Specter-Kill like this. However Mr DeWolf’s facebook page promotes serial killing, the Folsom St Fair and touching his ginger body…hmmmm. As always, Burners, our advice to you is read the fine print on the cult before you fully commit to it.

The clowns are a troupe from San Francisco – did I see some of them at Miss Emma Nation‘s birthday? (BTW, come and see her fantabulous cabaret show at SF Decom, 5-7pm Cosmic Lovedust). Without wanting to sound racist, all these clowns kinda look alike to me!

clownery color