Soul Train

cartoon by Christopher

cartoon by Christopher

Our cartoonist Christopher has graciously shared his art with us- thanks, Christopher! He’s so humble that he didn’t even ask us for help with his Indiegogo  campaign to help upgrade the Soul Train. He’s gonna get it anyway! Come on people, show some love, give back to a giver, let’s help the Soul Train.

soul-trainBurning Man is a loud place. It’s time for me to step up!

The Soul Train is my gift to the Burning Man community, and guess what?  I would like to give some more!  There’s nothing I love better then driving it around, making people happy, having instant dance parties wherever I go, and bringing Old School, R&B and Disco to the Playa.  I BRING DA FUNK!

I would like to reach more people.  This campaign is for louder speakers, as well as replacing some lights that got damaged last year.  Burning Man is a loud place, and I need to step up!I’ve been happy to have made such an impact at Burning Man, and I’d like to go further.  I’ve enjoyed adding to the experience of Burn night as well as assisting with the Critical Tit Ride After Party.  This year, I will also assist with The Soul Train World Record Attempt at The Man on Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 and The Dancetronauts Deep Playa Party on Thursday night. 

Anyone whose life has been affected by Burning Man knows what it’s like to want to give the same feeling to others, and I am no different.  I’ve been told often how much I “made someone’s Burn more memorable”, and that has always been my goal.  This is a fixed funding campaign… either I do this right or everyone gets their money back.  Thanks for reading this, and I hope you can help!

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