Maid Marian interviewed about “Gate-gate” on radio

Here’s her interview – my comments in italics

Burning Man founder Maid Marian

Maid Marian speaks

Some comments on her comments

– “what happened had a lot of different parts to it in most peoples’ minds”

“the system left people behind…’The Swiss Cheese effect – these ‘holes’ gutted the social infrastructure.

“the toilet situation has stopped being a concern, a national operator bought them out”

“Last year was first time people ever experienced 8-10 hour waits leaving” – “a sign that Exodus is too high – water going out through a straw”

“we need to manage population at the same time” – Agenda 21!

Last year just over 53,000. Working on 5 year permit, draft environmental assessment asking for increase of “that amount”.

“people come and they go” – what does she mean, there’ s no passouts!

“more than 2 times the amount [of applications] we expected…there’s a lot of different numbers and a lot of different variables” – like the Swiss Cheese variable

“we did our math. We thought, we won’t see double. We won’t see 80,000 tickets requested”.

we did scrub the list before we ran – between the closing of the registration and the point at which we ran the random selection…we pulled off IP addresses, email addresses – don’t know how many. They were successful in identifying some [stubhub people and IP addresses they recognized from last year]” – so a Director of BMorg, in the midst of this crisis, doesn’t know the details about the scrubbing. Hmmm…

“Last year there was a lot of scamming, repeated IP addresses that were known to be related to Stubhub, we deleted those in 2011 and again in 2012, we saw the same exact IP addresses come up again”

“There aren’t even 100 tickets between Stubhub and another company site…0.8 of a %” …it’s actually 0.0025%

In response to a question about the next 10,000 tickets: “well we have been taking a look at the tickets that are available in our entire allotment of tickets, and what would happen if we changed it”

“it feels like we’re all in the middle of a massive brainstorming right now”

“I don’t think Burning Man has jumped the shark. Burning Man is more than just Blackrock City in Nevada. The Theme of Fertility 2.0 is like going out into the world like bees and pollenizing everything, everywhere”

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