BREAKING NEWS: Burning Man postpones STEP

This just in from the BMorg HQ:

Ticket Update: We are postponing the launch of our new Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) and the opening of our Low Income Ticket Program application until February 29th so that we can further evaluate the current ticket landscape and put measures in place to address concerns we’ve heard from the community. The latest ticket info:
Maybe they’re hoping this will all blow over in 2 weeks? It does not make life any easier for the tens of thousands of people connected to theme camps and art projects who are deciding if they should start making plans for this year or not. We are near the Burnal Equinox. Perhaps BMorg just thought Feb 29 was a more magical date, this being a Leap Year and all.
This is not World’s Best Practise in Crisis Management, people. Is this the “Big Announcement” we were promised for tomorrow?
I wonder if “further evaluate” means “we might get away with a permit increase from the BLM”? Remembering that, any permit increase, is profit straight to their bank account, since their costs will not vary greatly between 50,000 and 70,000 people and due to the scarcity they can charge full price for any new tickets.

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