Best music festival in the world is: Tomorrowland

Congratulations to Tomorrowland, the European dance festival which just won the award for Best Music Event in the World at the IDMA Awards, International Dance Music Awards, held during the WMC, Winter Electronic Music Conference in Miami.

In other news, my favorite club in the world Space Ibiza was named Best Club in the World.


Burner Fundamentalism

Check out this comment from Burner Peace over at the BMorg Blog. Well said:

In any movement, there are 10% believers and 90% hangers on. The 90% are there because they believe participation bestows some level of cool on them, some illusion of being on the inside. Ironically those people here who are complaining most loudly about the ticket situation and the P&P camps probably think they are in the 10% because they hold some fundamentalist attachment to the letter of the law regarding the 10 principles. In the words of Jesus (yes I’m going there!) “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath”, in other words the principles were put in place to serve the community and provide a framework for creating an ever growing, ever changing city. It is inevitable the principles, when interpreted literally, will come up against reality. At that point you can keep to the letter of the principles and let the event collapse under its own weight, or you can look to find creative solutions using the principles as a guide rather than a limitation. I’ve seen what fundamentalism does to well meaning religious people, and I’d rather not see that happen to Burners. In a broken world, I see creativity as our only hope for salvation (is that dramatic enough) and it is the spirit of creativity that needs to be preserved here. Comodification can kill creativity when those providing the money want to control the outcome, or when the recipient of the patronage feels they must cater to the patron. On the other hand most great art has been produced under a patronage system. Very little is bad in itself, it is how something is used that makes it beneficial or destructive. Those who hold a fundamentalist view of the principles believe they are part of the 10% of true believers, but in fact they care more about their own experience than they do the soul of the event. And let’s face it, the event is the community. Yes Burners do a lot of good in the default world, but the event (happening) is the center around which the community forms. If the center does not hold, the community will not be a community. The changes happening now are natural to a growing civilization. We are seeing 1000s of years of human development play out in microcosm over a few decades. It is to be expected that the problems of the default world would infect Burning Man eventually. Great! Now is when the real work begins. How do we deal with these problems creatively? You can say you’re a Burner, hold the principles tightly to your chest, and walk away now that things are getting really hard, or you can be a Burner and participate in creative solutions.

via Burning Blog » Blog Archive » Plug and Play Camping in Black Rock City.

Solar Wheelchair Transporters for Burning Man 2012

Check out (and support) this great Kickstarter project:

Imagine a Solar-Powered, electric Six-Wheel-Drive, All-Terrain-Vehicle for transporting you and your manual or power wheelchair or medical scooter around Burning Man 2012.

I would like to bring two of these Transporters to Burning Man 2012 for use by mobility-impared Burners. The Playa should be fun for everyone.

This is an open-source hardware project, first demonstrated at Maker Faire

New York 2011. All construction information will published online, along with alternatives and improvements.

According to, the wheelchair Transporter can carry any wheelchair or medical scooter up to 27 inches wide and 42 inches long. It uses its own electronic joystick for speed and directional control.

Transporter #1 is already built, but needs upgrades including better batteries, motor controller & joystick, and solar charging system. I have all the drive parts for Transporter #2, it just needs cutting, welding, and electronics installation.

Solar panels on the roof give almost unlimited range during the day, and minimum six hours continuous mobility at night with full navigation lighting. Each Transporter will sport a built-in GPS navigation system, thump’in sound system with 5 Volt USB charging ports, 12 Volt Automotive charging ports, and 120V AC inverter for charging your wheelchair/scooter. The drive system is field-replaceable with six independent drive motors, each with flat-proof tires.

The Transporter will be fully BM-DMV (Burning Man Department of Mutant Vehicles) compliant with full navigation and driving lights, reflective markers, etc. 

Access to the two Transporters at Burning Man 2012 is being coordinated with BM-DMV, Mobility Camp, HotWheelz, and Wheels on the Playa.

Your donation to this project will cover the necessary parts and upgrades to complete construction of the two Transporters, their transportation to and from Nevada, along with monitoring and maintenance at Burning Man 2012. The Transporters’ blog will include pictures from Burning Man, GPs maps of their movement, development details, etc.

This project is dedicated to my sister Nancy Nagelkerke, 1960-2010.

via Playa Wheelchair Transporters for Burning Man 2012 by Paul Nagelkerke — Kickstarter.