Envision 2012 Costa Rica – what was up? [Updated 3/10/12: New videos]

We’re still in Costa Rica and have been slowly uploading videos from Envision 2012. We found some bandwidth in Escazu, although it’s not quite good old Silicon Valley upload capabilities, I’ve managed to add a few more videos to this post. We also heard that the Envision Festival was a news story on CNN Espanol – don’t have a YouTube link for this to post yet.

I’m pleased to report that, as usual, Lucent Dossier knows how to throw down a bad ass after party!

DJ Imagika Om rocked some tribal beats poolside at the Lucent Dossier afterparty

I would recommend any large groups visiting Costa Rica to stay at the Mar Y Selva EcoLodge – ask for Carlos.

Luckily for our loyal Burners.Me fans the fabulous event was full of talented videographers. Here’s a documentary that says it better than I possibly could.

To me, it had the feeling of happiness and goodwill like my first ever dance party. Love all around, in a spectacularly beautiful environment. A choice between dubstep, glitch, tribal, progressive electronica; or a
live stage with a mixture of local and imported bands who just oozed passion and inspiration.
Everyone at the festival shared the joy of being at such a beautiful place together. Almost everyone we spoke to was a Burner – although we didn’t find a single one who had tickets for this year – and we heard many favorable comparisons to Burning Man.

Envision was more like the Rainbow Serpent or Outback Eclipse or now de-funked Earthcore parties in Australia, or the DoLab’s excellent Lightning in a Bottle coming up May 24-28th in SoCal.

Costa Rica is ranked #1 in the world for biodiversity, and is the most peaceful nation on earth – they lead the list of countries who have no military. The country scores very well on the GINI index of income equality and makes the Top 3 in Central/South America for least corrupt. Envision is a great party, it was only its second year and it was awesome, we’ll be back for sure. Dominical, Puntarenas is heaven on earth whatever your budget – even if it’s $0. I’m not kidding! I missed the Art Cars of Burning Man, and the music was not quite WMC – but the jacuzzi-warm water of the ocean and the abundance of “Pura VIda” more than made up for that.

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