The World’s 10 Biggest Parties

This list might be slightly old, because the world’s best party Tomorrowland had 120,000 people last year. But the numbers are still indicative. How do all these people, from Serbia to Scotland, from Hungary to Colombia, manage to throw massive events… while BMOrg, after 25 years and $20 million at the gate, can only visualize “slowly” growing from 58,000 to 70,000?

1. Glastonbury, UK, 175,000/day

2. Roskilde, Denmark, 110,000/day

3. Werchter, Belgium, 110,000/day

4. Rock al Parque, Colombia, 88,600/day

5. T in the Park, Scotland, 85,000/day

6. Exit, Serbia, 75,000/day

7. Coachella, California, 75,000/day , 220,000 total

8. Reading/Leeds Festival, UK, 75,000/day

9. Sziget, Hungary 75,000/day

10. Pukkelpop, Belgium, 65,000/day

The Burner community are among the world’s best innovators, problem solvers, creators and inventors. Surely some of them could help the BMOrg hurry up their growth plans before they kill the party.

Best music festival in the world is: Tomorrowland

Congratulations to Tomorrowland, the European dance festival which just won the award for Best Music Event in the World at the IDMA Awards, International Dance Music Awards, held during the WMC, Winter Electronic Music Conference in Miami.

In other news, my favorite club in the world Space Ibiza was named Best Club in the World.


Burners round the world: Tomorrowland 2012

This looks like a lot of Euro-Burners having fun in the sun in Antwerp, Belgium.

Tomorrowland 2012 is July 27-29, they have a camping area called Dreamville. Their Facebook page has about 1 million likes, which suggests to me it must be a pretty good party.

The main problem these events seem to have in comparison to Burning Man is the lack of Art Cars, from what Burners are saying in our poll.

In the “things I’ve never seen or even heard of before” category, is a DJ making a speech