Enter the ticket raffle, help fund an environmental art project

A group of artists from Canada are taking a stand against environmental pollution, by building a giant wave sculpture from recycled drift wood.

You can help them fund their project, and get a chance to win a ticket to Burning Man in their raffle. Entries are only $10.

The art is for a noble cause, raising awareness of the tragic way we are polluting our oceans.

We are a group of artists taking a stand against ocean pollution by creating a giant wave sculpture at the 2012 Burning Man festival. Over 50,000 people will see and touch our wave made of salvaged drift lumber. We are asking you to bring us any such ocean wood waste you find to Burning Man this year. Feel free to personalize your wood and send the world a message.

Take a walk along any beach anywhere in the world and you will see washed up an incredible range of debris. Statistics indicate that about 80 percent of ocean pollution is directly caused by humans.  We have made the oceans a dumping ground for our waste.

I’m not sure of this bit – can you say RADIATION?

In order to honour those who died in the recent Japanese Tsunami we plan to collect wooden building materials from the Tsunami that have reached west coast beaches and build them also into our sculpture. This gesture reminds us that we are all connected on spaceship earth, and we are responsible for each other.


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  3. It is great to see our community caring about our water systems. Water is precious in BRC but we forget in the default world that it is just as important.

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