New ticket contest: 21 chances to win 2 tickets

Trust the Burner community to come up with more creative ideas for ticket recycling than just dumping them in STEP. So far we’ve had: Crazy Bernie‘s giveaway, date me or find me an apartment, pull a Fish Face, and enter a raffle.

Now some enterprising Burners have found a way to bring the complexity of the ticket lottery, to the gifting of 2 tickets.

@alluneedisbass says:

Does the Burning Man ticket boondoggle have you down? Have  you or some of friends been left scrambling for tickets? Are you jonesing for the gritty feel of dust between your teeth? Do you need to leave the default world for a trip back home? Well we here at All You Need is BASS have a massive announcement that will cure you of all of these symptoms and more!

Last year, our camp had a total of sixteen people (18 if you count the two amazing Germans we adopted once we got there). This year, of those 16 people a whopping 2 tickets were secured in the lottery. Our group decided that the odds of all of us getting tickets was pretty low, so we decided we would put our first theme camp on hold until next year and take a year off – but that still left us with 2 tickets.

As I write this there are 558 entries. The complexity comes in that they allow you to enter up to 21 times.



  • 1 ballot for when you tweet about the contest on twitter (1 per day)
  • 1 ballot when you follow us on twitter (only eligible for this once)


  • 1 ballot when you share today’s post on facebook (1 per day)
  • 1 ballot when you share the contest with your friends (1 per day)
  • 1 ballot when you  like this post (1 per day)
  • 3 ballots when you like our fan page (only eligible for this once)


  • 5 ballots when you sign up for our newsletter (only eligible for this once)


  • 5 ballots when you fill our our survey (only eligible for this once)

The contest runs til the end of May 2012. Stake your claim now at

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  1. Thanks for mentioning our contest! We’re pretty excited to help 2 people out this year.

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