Bzzzy bees…b*tch puh-leeez!

Following on from the announcement of a bee-themed precompression, the new theme around the ManBase has been announced for 2012. We’re asked by BMOrg to “bee here now“. Seriously:

the Man will be perched atop a dramatic pavilion reminiscent of the Pantheon of ancient Rome, under which will stand an intricate 38′-tall sculpture representing a flower’s pistil. In case your memory of high school biology has eroded as much as ours, pistil (from the Latin pistillum meaning pestle) describes each discrete unit of the gynoecium, a collective term for the reproductive organs of a flower. (Phew … thanks Wikipedia!)

This sculpture will be designed and built by Gregg Fleishman, who created last year’s contemplative and peaceful “Otic Oasis” structure found out in the outer reaches of walk-in camping (and which will return to the same spot this year, we’re happy to report).

As with Otic Oasis, a series of stairways and walkways will provide access to a number of platforms, allowing participants the opportunity to climb, explore and enjoy the intricate architectural dynamics of the pistil.

In the spirit of participation, you’re encouraged to discover your inner bee, joining together with others or working solo to create interactive experiences of your own. Break out your best bee costume and inspired creativity and express yourself through bee culture and couture … perhaps coordinate a sunset bee swarm? Play follow the queen? Organize a honey tasting? Conduct a kazoo orchestra in a rendition of “Flight of the Bumblebee”? (It’s all good, but yeah, please don’t actually pollinate the pistil … capice?)

I don’t know, it sounds pretty lame to me. Like we’re all little bees buzzing around in Larry’s hive, ready to go out and re-pollinate and create other hives in the world. Burner bunny slippers describes it well:

this Bunny Slippers?

the man is placed higher and higher each year to symbolize the growing greatness of the BMorg. the idea is that the man (the BMorg) is above and exalted. it’s there to be worshiped by the citizens for its greatness and glory.

once that hierarchical relationship is established, it makes it easier to convince the citizens to provide free labor to the exalted in exchange for becoming spiritually closer to the one above.

Who wants to dress as a fucking bee on the Playa anyway? I’m certainly not rushing out to buy bee outfits. Black fake fur is going to get real dusty, real fast. Not to mention hot and hard to cycle in. Thoughts, Burners?
You want Bzzy Bees? Well pollinate on my Wizard sleeve…
[Update 8/4/12 – it seems some Burners are really into this Bee thing. Maybe in these days of Bieber and Ke$ha, when 21 Jump St and Total Recall are released as re-makes, this is actually what’s considered cool amongst the kiddies now. I must be getting too old for this shit…]

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