Burning Man Live Stream Raided By Pirates then Shut Down By YouTube Copyright Strikes

Wondering what happened to the Burning Man live stream? Take this as unconfirmed, the source is burningman.org – hardly reliable.

But it does check out. The stream is down, and the pirate sites are up. Can you watch a stream live on this platform? Maybe somebody wants to spend the money and find out. Not me…Burning Man is over.

Source: burningman.org

It’s highly ironic that Google, basically the owners of Burning Man, got their own stream shut down by their stupid strike system which is the bane of the YouTube truther community.

I note they’re selling supplements on ePlaya now, just like Alex Jones. Nice. Who doesn’t need some primal growth male enhancement with their burn?


When you click the link you get to this:

The stream was up when The Man burned Saturday night. Perhaps they took it down because of the tragic suicide/accident. Or perhaps the shrewd beancounters of Decommodification LLC have started doing deals with LiveNation for streaming rights.

This comes after mysterious goings-on in the last couple of weeks with the official live audio stream as well as the live video stream.


12 comments on “Burning Man Live Stream Raided By Pirates then Shut Down By YouTube Copyright Strikes

  1. I truly enjoy Matt, all his commentary, webcam view and positive attitude! Thanks to him I am able to view BM thru his eyes for last 2 yrs. It actually allows me to experience a little taste of what my son and his camp are experiencing. I am so grateful he can bring this to me, one who burns via my couch! You are the best Matt!

  2. Dude, eplaya is not selling supplements, spammers are getting through because the eplaya admin team was on the playa. For fuck’s sake, man, not everything is a conspiracy.

    • the evidence is right there! The onus is on you to prove your spammers conspiracy theory. With all that Internet there, and 100+ year round employees, suddenly their spam filter failed?

      • The onus is on both of us making speculative claims. My claim has the benefit of adhering to Occam’s Razor, and the coincidence of the proliferation of spammers coinciding with the burn. You’ll notice the spam posts are now gone, now that everyone is back from the burn, and that before the burn there were none.

          • Occam’s Razor, my friend. Seems the simplest and most plausible explanation, the exact opposite of conspiracy theory thinking, wherein mental gymnastics are executed to manufacture the most complex, least plausible and paranoid explanation. 🙂

          • And the simplest explanation is that the posts are there. No mental gymnastics required. QED

  3. Thank you Matt. What you do is not easy. Appreciate your time, effort , and good vibes 100% and beyond. Thank you so much. Xoxo

  4. Thank you Matt, truly a great feeling listening to your commentary during the Webcast. You are an inspiration to us all to be better people with your generosity. All the best buddy

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